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What makes car shipping in and out of a state more easier and cheaper will be with its interstates. Particularly anything running through to other popular locations. In this case we have an interstate that runs through Kentucky.

Kentucky Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

Louisville, KYMexico, MO$710
Newark, NJFort Campbell, KY$990
Evansville, INCadiz, KY$320
Bluffton, OHHustonville, KY$720
North Ridgeville, OHCovington, KY$425
Lexington, KYWest Branch, MI$685
Fort Knox, KYMission, TX$1425
Louisville, KYOconomowoc, WI$765
Benson, AZFort Campbell, KY$1760
Adena, OHLexington, KY$520
This would be I-64. Just south of Indianapolis, and right about the same distance north from Nashville, it enters Lexington and Louisville after stretching through the eastern region of the state. Although this interstate can be help move cars because of it’s proximity to Lexington and Louisville, it’s the what’s to the north and south that moves cars into that road, mostly vehciles heading to Kansas or veering down to Oklahoma. What hurts this route is the lack of metropolitan areas to run through on that road itself so this will tug on the price a bit. Fortunately, on the way from Detroit and through Louisville, another interstate, I-75, runs to Atlanta and beyond to Florida, which is the epicenter of auto shipping. Interstate 65 runs from Mobile trough Lexington into Indiana. These two interstates link shippers with other high profile interstates such as I-20, I-40, I-70, I-80 and I-90. The variety of roads is a plus. Just count on anything coming or going to KY to be an “on the way to” route.

Kentucky is located in the East South-central part of the United States. Being the one of the smaller states in the union and at about the 50th percentile in the nation for population in the United States, people have an impressive desire for cars there. Population density is a good indicator of a state’s popularity with car shipping since car shippers want to run in and out of states with high metropolitan areas and lots of cars to load up with. A steady demand for vehicles has boomed the car shipping business in Kentucky State. It’s not surprising at all. It’s easy math. The more big cities there are then the more people, hence more customers. A notable city, in this case, is Louisville which is centrally located and with the highest population in Kentucky. Kentucky has a triangle of three cities – Louisville, Lexington and Covington (Cincinnati). These are the best places for car shippers.

Car shipping into and out of Kentucky is, however, not a common practice in the rural areas of the Bluegrass state especially on the hilly parts. This is because there are not as many customers as in Kentucky’s metropolitan areas. Kentucky State is considered less popular with car shipping compared to other surrounding areas.

For anyone planning to ship a car into or out of Kentucky, there are various auto transport companies that can help. But none as experienced as National Express.

While Kentucky may not be the best in car shipping in the United States, the industry is well established the state’s major cities. There are many readily available car shipping companies within and outside Kentucky.

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