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Kansas is pretty open territory.  With a small population just under 3 million people, Kansas auto transport can be a pretty big challenge. How hard of a challenge? To give you an idea, the entire state has 1.2 million less people residing in it than the city of Los Angeles. That will help put it into perspective we’re sure. Be patient if shipping your car in and out of Kansas, regardless of the time of year you do so.

Kansas Auto Transport

Kansas Car Shipping Routes


There are only two major interstates that run through the state. That would be- I-70, and I-35 respectively. This makes it a bit difficult to find a carrier, which may result in higher rates. And with about 540 miles of road with no major stops and painfully expensive gas prices, vehicle shipping in Kansas can be tough on those in a hurry and looking for it to run cheap. Still, door to door services are available if running through these states.

Although population helps in getting cars in and out, because Wichita is so far from I-70, and I-35,there’s a better chance of smaller towns along that route getting some car carriers passing through. I-35. is what connects Wichita and will eventually run into the east-west roads as it runs from north to south. Another smaller interstate runs from north of Dallas through Oklahoma City, into Wichita, and branches off into I-35. But that is still lightly traveled so regardless of that connection,most auto shippers try to avoid Wichita. So in this example we can see that  it is the largest city in the state in terms of population, yet it is isolated from any east-west interstate car shippers use often. Those willing to go, charge very high rates.

You should keep in mind these important points when booking a Kansas car shipping company’s service:


Ask for insurance


Asking for proof of insurance from the company you may be interested in never hurts. Any reliable and legitimate company would gladly present documentation of insurance. If the company refuses to do so, it is a very clear red flag. You should stay away from such company. 


Get your Vehicle Ready 


If you’ve decided to drive through some of the small towns around the state, you need to get your car ready for the ride, ahead of transport. Getting your car ready includes a full-service check and having enough gas ahead of time. This would allow you to just drive off after you’ve got delivery of your car.


Use a National Auto Transport Company 


Kansas is a very large state. And if you plan to go from one end of the state to the other end, you may consider a national transport company. This will help prevent you from making the long journey on your own.


Look for Customer Reviews


Customers’ testimonials of how they were treated, is a very good indicator of the quality of any company’s service(s). When you go through customer reviews of a car transport company, it gives you a clear idea of what to expect.


Map Out Destinations


Be familiar with the routes going East and West. These are the most important, because if your vehicle can be near these interstates then you will have the best chance to ship your car. Consider having your vehicle available near the interstates I-70, and I-35.

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