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When planning to ship your Jeep, the first things to consider are safety and cost. There are various shipping companies that you could use. However, it is important to choose a company that offers affordable services, is trustworthy, and also reliable. You want to make sure that your vehicle reaches its destination without any issues.

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The safety of your Jeep depends on the company you choose for transportation. Here are some things you need to consider when looking for the right company to ship your vehicle.


Choose Transport Method


Before deciding on the shipping company to hire, find out the methods they use to transport your vehicle. Vehicle transportation companies like the National Express use two shipping methods; closed transportation or open transportation. Most vehicle owners tend to opt for closed transportation because of its safety level.


Closed transportation entails covering the carrier with a heavy canvas that protects the vehicle from rain, snow, wind-blown debris and sleet, and any other elements. National Express Company also provides you with hard-sided enclosed auto transport. That will protect your Jeep from any unlikely occurrence like possible damage.




You need to confirm with the shipping company the insurance policy and what it covers. You want a company that can give you peace of mind with the right insurance cover. For instance, the National Express Company uses a reliable insurance company. In the unforeseen eventuality that your Jeep suffers some damages, you can ask for compensation. The company has an insurance policy that will ensure full compensation.




Before settling on any of the many available shipping companies, do your research. Begin by reading online reviews of the companies you are considering. Choose one that has more positive comments, barely negative ones. From what other customers have to say, you can find a company that is likely to give you a great experience.

Consider what others experienced when it comes to elements such as timely delivery, openness on charges, and customer service. Working with the National Express Company will guarantee excellent customer service and enjoyable overall experience.


Get Quotes


It is very important to get price quotes before making your final decision. Read the quotes and make sure you understand the services included within those prices. Look for a company like the National express Company that will give you free quotes.


Shipping Logistics


There is a lot involved in shipping vehicles from one country to another. The company you consider should be able to handle all the shipping logistics. By choosing the right company, you are shifting the responsibility of the shipping logistics to them. With a reliable company, like National Express, all you have to do is sit and wait for your vehicle with all the documents ready.


Look for Experience


An experienced company will know everything they need to do when shipping high-class vehicles. It is essential to know whether the company you consider has been in the shipping company for many years. Even when transporting your vehicle from one location to another, an experienced company will provide a seamless door to door service.


A professional company will also insist you fill a detailed description of the vehicle before the transportation begins. That will help you have a checklist when the delivery is done to confirm everything is intact. The company will also advise you on everything that you need to remove from the car before handing it to them. If you are dealing with National Express Transport Company, they will advise you to remove your valuables before they can load your vehicle to the carrier


Transport Specifics


Is the vehicle modified? Do you have larger tires? A lift? Make sure you clear all these issues ahead of time to avoid any delays or extra costs. We guarantee the rate we give you unless the vehicle is not as described. 




The market is filled with shipping companies offering Jeep SUV transportation. It is paramount to choose a company that will provide you with the best services. As much as price is an important factor to consider, you should never compromise the quality of your Jeep transportation. The best company is the one that will provide you with trusted and reliable services that you can afford.

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