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Interstate 94 is a major American Freeway built in 1956, thanks to Eisenhower’s initiative of developing a highly efficient freeway web system within the United States. It goes from East to West and bring together the regions of the Great lakes plus the Northern Great Plains in the US. Its 1585.20 miles long and connects Billing, Montana (Its actual western Ending Point)

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interstate 94
Its eastern ending point is located in the Border with Canada, in the US-controlled side of the Blue Water Bridge, located in Port Huron, Michigan. There, along with I-69, the well known I-94 encounters Highway 402, connecting directly with Canada. I-94 intersects in many points with the I-90 (the longest in the country) in Chicago, Lake Station, Indiana and near Madison, Wisconsin, for instance.




In 1953 its connection with the Lodge Freeway was built and it interestingly is the first full-speed highway to highway connection of the United States. In the American State of Detroit, the I-94 was continued over the Edsel Ford Freeway and was kept to that name until the end of the 80’s decade by an order of the state of Michigan. Its first segment was finished in 1958, under the rule of the Federal-Aid Highway and consisted of a 12-mile-long section from Jamestown to Valley City, in North Dakota. However, as America´s ruling political intentions grew stronger and its economic and military domain consolidated, the highway system got more sophisticated and efficient. For instance, to the North of Chicago, this highway has been added two lanes to the six it had before from Illinois Route 22 to Illinois Route 173, heading the South of the Wisconsin border. Currently the freeway is still being expanded as this project, including the addition of two lanes in the trajectory from the Wisconsin and Illinois border through Milwaukee’s Mitchell Interchange, started in 2009 and is projected to be finished by the year 2021.

During the year 2005, the bridge that was located in the Crow River, close to Saint Michael (Minnesota) was rebuilt and the next year, the addition of two highway lanes to the already built four, starting in Minnesota State highway 120 and ending in the McKnight Road, was successfully executed. In the year 2008, costing 810 million USD, a broader bridge was constructed in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The congestion this project caused, as the former bridge was demolished in 2006, was relieved with the addition of a temporary extra lane from Northbound I-35W and point MN–280, even though, it has been said, this auxiliary lane was never up to the Interstate Highway standards.


Interstate 94 Route


I-94 is ranked in the US as the eight longest highway of the whole system .The massive Interstate 94, connects Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana. It leaves the biggest city in Montana: Billings (there you can find Yellowstone County) to travel northeastward heading to Glendive, an agricultural and ranching hub, between the Yellowstone river and the Badlands. Interstate 94, then joins Billings and Glendive, running parallel to the Yellowstone River. In Montana, 1-94 links 7 Counties, which are: Wibaux, Dawson, Prairie, Custer, Rosebud, Treasure and Yellowstone.

Then, the route heads to Beach, a city part of the County Seat of Golden Valley County. That is where the highway gets into North Dakota. Then, it crosses the Badlands, close to the Theodore Roosevelt Monument Park. It’s worth mentioning, that moving about 11 kilometers East of Medora, you can find a brilliant rest area that offers activities of interest such as hiking and sightseeing, cause its legendary sunsets. Heading to the East, Interstate 94 offers entrance to the North part of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park. Then, on the route to West Fargo, and there it leaves behind North Dakota to get into Minnesota, it crosses municipalities such as Dickinson, Mandan, Bismarck, Valley City and Jamestown.

11 miles from Dickinson, the highway interconnects with the Enchanted Highway, to the west, at exit 72. In the way between Bismarck and Manda, the highway goes through the Missouri River and displays a beautiful sight of the Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge. It is also possible to see an interesting Holstein Cow Sculpture, watchable from the road and when it gets to Steel, it passes near the biggest sand hill crane sculpture of the world, named “Sandy” by the natives (12-meters-tall). When It gets to Jamestown there is also an interesting 8, 5-meter tall Bison sculpture named the “Dakota Thunder”, then it reaches Fargo, near the Red River, after passing the so called Laurentian Divide, where rivers to the south of it go straight into the Gulf of Mexico, whilst rivers to the North die in the Pacific Ocean.

Fargo is actually the last destination within North Dakota that this majestic highway goes through. Then it enters the state of Minnesota, heading towards Moorhead where it passes the Red River. The road there will get us to Fergus Falls, and Saint Cloud before heading towards the Twin Cities, then it leaves the state eastwards. The massive Freeway goes through the historical Mississippi River in Minneapolis, and then it joins Minneapolis and Saint Paul to meet MN Highway 280 area. In the appealing Twin Cities, historical events make this zone astound out as it held one of the biggest concentrations of working class and African American population. Minnesota is finally left behind going to the east of Saint Paul while it crosses the Saint Croix River.

It is just now that I-94 gets into the state of Wisconsin, passing Eau Claire before it intersects with the biggest freeway of the country: the Interstate 90. It leaves the queen Interstate near Madison and heads towards Chicago to enter Illinois in Pleasant Prairie Village, Kenosha County, Wisconsin. I-94 keeps heading towards the south, to access Indiana, via Chicago. In the US state of Indiana, Interstate 94, crosses Interstate 90 (in Indiana Troll Road) then it heads northeast going parallel to the Lake Michigan, entering Michigan. The speed limit there goes up from 55 mph to 70 mph on the I-94. Here, we have finally reached the eastern end of our beloved Interstate 94: The Majestic Blue Water Bridge, that marks the US-Canada border, located in Port Huron, connecting I-94 with the Ontario Highway 402 in Point Edward, Canada, and that is where it ends, making a straight connection with a Canadian highway.

The Chicago Skyway, Ohio Turnpike, Indiana Toll roads, Jane Addams Memorial Toll route, Ted Williams channel, Massachusetts Turnpike along with the New York thruway are the roads used by I-90 for the purpose of the toll in the nation’s eastern part. The Interstate 90 remains toll free for some major parts in the areas of Greater Cleveland, downtown Chicago, parts of Northwestern Pennsylvania and the remaining parts of Northeastern Ohio along with the small segments of Albany and Buffalo.


Beginning in Washington


The western end of I-90 is situated in Seattle area. Exit 2B, of State Route of 519 (Edgar Martinez Drive S) constitutes the eastbound start of Interstate-90.

The tunnel for I-90 runs beneath Mount Baker Ridge which is on the National Register of Historic Places. The eastern portion of the passage that can be seen while you enter Seattle from the east. The bridges of Homer M. Hadley and the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial are the longest bridges on Interstate -90 that pass over  Lake Washington ranging from Seattle to the Island of Mercer. They are regarded as fifth and the second longest bridges in the world, respectively.

Interstate 90 covers the Snoqualmie Pass  that is at distance of 40 miles in the easterly direction of Bellevue. There the elevation of 921m is near about 3,022 feet. I-90 intersects the another freeway that is I-82 after traversing the mountains and hills and also traverses the Columbia River on Vantage Bridge You then enter the Spokane, and further it moves to Idaho after crossing a distance of 18 miles after that.


I-90 Through Idaho


The massive mountains that surround I-90 carve the way to Wallace -a small town that is the last spotlight in the mountain ranges. The captivating town comprises many historical monuments. In 1976, the leaders of the city registered downtown in the National Register of Historic Places. As an out turn, the federal government was compelled at huge cost to reroute the expressway to the edge of the northern part Wallace and further elevate it. This segment of I-90 was completed in September of 1991. A bicycle pathway is routed below the portion of that section.


I-90 Through Montana


Around 1995 to mid 1999, the “reasonable and proper” open speed limit standards were causing a lot of trouble for motorists, as many were taking the highway at outrageous speeds when entering Montana. The speed was restricted in the I-90 Montana to a solid 80 mph. The intestate passes through many areas. It traverses the Missoula and around Butte, but for just about 8 miles. It crosses the Continental Divide that lies in eastern portion of Butte, further it augments its boundaries across the Homestake Pass that has an elevation of about 6,329 feet. That marks the peak point for the I-90. It traverses across the mountain ranges of Bridger and the Gallatin mountains hovering over the Bozeman Pass in the middle of Livingston and the Bozeman.


I-90 In Wyoming


After the separation of Interstate-94 in the city of Montana at Billings, Interstate I-90 embarks to the state of Wyoming through the northern part of the state. It follows the mountain ranges of Bighorn that lies in the middle of Buffalo and Sheridan. at this point in intersects with the Interstate 25, where it will take the motorist on a pathway from north to south and then to east-west. It then goes through to Powder River Bason, Gillette, Sundance, and Moorcroft you will find US 16 and the US 14 respectively.


I-90 In South Dakota


Near to the Rapid city at the borderline of the Wyoming is a 4-lane freeway that is segmented with the median of the grass. In the area of Sioux Falls, Interstate 29 and Interstate 90 crosses each other and embarks on an easterly direction that is at a minor distance to Minnesota. Interstate 90 running through the east and west and the longest expressway in the region of the South Dakota. This Interstate runs through the Rapid city, Sioux Falls, and the Mitchell.

Interstate 90


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