Interstate 40


Among many interstates is the I-40 which is also known as the big 4-0. This east-west route covers about 2,555 miles this Interstate is worth mentioning. As a standard norm, Interstate routes that run east to west and Interstate 40 is no exception. It serves to connect Wilmington, North Carolina to Barstow, California and is truck-heavy with transport, cars and otherwise.

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interstate 40

Many driving along it will find it has some great scenic beauty thanks to the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico which are just two of the states that Interstate 40 passes through. Other major cities that are served by Interstate 40 include: Memphis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Texas, Amarillo, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Oklahoma is another major state that Interstate 40 touches, passing through many of its towns such as Yukon, Del City, Sallisaw, Okemah Clinton, Weather Ford and Shawnee. From Arkansas, the interstate goes to Memphis Tennessee after crossing the Mississippi River at the Hernando de Soto Bridge.

The Music Highway is a name given to the portion of Interstate 40 that is between Nashville and Memphis. The construction of the Interstate was finished and later reopened so to have more lanes which have highly contributed to making Tennessee less congested and reduced accidents significantly.

And even though mother nature is demanding, Interstate 40 still stands across the areas such as the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. The freeway has occasionally closed due to natural disasters such as landslides and adverse weather conditions.

Also having a significant role in New Mexico, Interstate 40 helps commerce move in and out of the state.. To replace Central avenue, I-40 was proposed to run through the city’s center. This proposal was however met with public opposition and instead, I-40 now intersects Central avenue at ends of the city.




Several Interstate 40 ramps were rebuilt in July of 2000 to better connect the highway. The ramps can be seen at the Interstate 25 junction which allows for a smooth interchange, for example. The improvements were for a duration of 24 months with an investment outlay of 427 million being needed for this vital reconstruction. As if this is not enough, the frontage roads break into two lanes and expand facilitating traffic to flow easily.




The Interstates have been one of the largest and best projects in history and this small peice of history on I-40 does not do it justice.  Interstate 40 is arguably one of the longest interstates in the U. S. with which plays a large role in driving, shipping o commerce, and of course auto transport.

Interstate 40


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