Interstate Auto Transport


There are a lot of potential reasons you may find yourself in needing the transport of a car to another state. It can be a a vehicle you just bought or sold, you could be moving from state to state. Snowbirds also ship regularly twice a year back and fourth. Regardless of why you want to move a car from one state to another, you should be aware of all of the available options.

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Hiring an Interstate Car Shipping Company


As far as the price of moving your vehicle, a company that carries your vehicle often works out to be the cheapest. Hiring a company is convenient and safe. However, you can’t just hire the first car shipper that you hear of. There are things that you need to consider before you choose one.

– Get quotes from more than one company so you can have a general idea of what it should cost to move your vehicle across state lines. If there is a quote that is exponentially higher or lowers then the others, then you should stay away from that company.

– Look for reviews and testimonials from customers on the company’s website but most importantly third-party websites.

– Check the company’s safety rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

– Check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau

– Find out how long they have been in business and how many vehicles they have shipped

– Trust your intuition when you speak to the company. Do they seem knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly?

– Ask how long it is going to take for your vehicle to arrive at its destination

– Find out if they have an online tracking system for you to see the real-time location of your car.

Hiring an interstate auto transport company to ship a car from one state to another is a great option to save yourself time, energy, and stress. The right company will ensure that your vehicle quickly and safely makes it from point A to point B with total transparency. 

Once you have chosen a vehicle transporting service, there are a few things to be aware of before you sign the final paperwork.



Registration Number 


The company that you have chosen who is registered with the FMCSA as an interstate car shipping company should be willing to provide you with their Motor Carrier number. If they aren’t willing to, that can be a red flag that something isn’t right.




Don’t rely on verbal agreements with the company. Get everything in writing with the bill of lading. The transporter should  carry out an inspection of your vehicle with your present. This ensures that the vehicle is yours and that you and the interstate car shipper are both on the same page with the vehicle’s condition, so any damage that occurs during transport can be documented.




The company that you choose to transport your car should have the appropriate insurance to cover any damage that occurs to the vehicle they are moving to. If the company refuses to show you their insurance certificate, this is a red flag that they aren’t a legitimate company. If the insurance that the company offers as part of their package isn’t as much as you would like to have, you can usually choose to purchase more through the company you hire. If this isn’t an option, you can buy insurance through your regular insurance broker.


Empty Your Car


While you might think that filling your car is an easy way to move some of your personal belongings along with the vehicle, transport companies are prohibited by law from shipping vehicles that contain household items. Also, suppose any of your personal belongings go missing. In that case, the company does not assume any responsibility if it goes missing. The insurance won’t cover any damage to the car because it was full of your belongings. To protect yourself, ensure your vehicle is empty.



Drive the Car Yourself


The first option is to drive the car to the new state yourself. At first, this might seem like the most comfortable and cheapest option, but that’s not always the case, so some basic research is necessary. There are a few things to consider before you decide to drive your vehicle to another state.


The Distance of the Move


If you are only moving the vehicle across one state line to a neighboring state, the trip can likely be made in a day. However, if you will be driving across multiple state lines, or from coast to coast, the drive is not as straightforward or as cheap as it may seem at first.


Cost of the Trip


When you choose to drive the car, you need to pay for gas for the car, and food. If it is just a day trip, this doesn’t add up too much. However, for longer trips, you also have to pay for lodging. If you are selling the vehicle or picking up a car that you bought, you will also have to pay for a plane or bus ticket for the second way of travel. It would also be best if you considered the cost of what the drive will do to the vehicle. The wear and tear on the tires and engine, as well as having maintenance done sooner.


Potential Hazards


There are also potential hazards to driving a long distance that needs to be considered. These considerations include the car breaking down, accidents, bad weather, poor road conditions, and unfamiliar roads.



Hiring A Driver


If you don’t want to make the drive yourself, you can also hire someone to do the drive for you. While this would eliminate the stress on you having to do the driving, it increases the cost. You will still need to pay for the gas and maintenance on the car, and you will also have to pay for the driver’s time. The wear and tear on the vehicle will also be more than carrying the vehicle on a trailer.


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