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Usually nine times out of ten you realize that there are various options to pick from but little time to decide who is going to be the best company to ship your car for you. Especially when you start doing your research and begin making your decision. And of course, everyone claims they are the best at what they do.

Not long after that, you begin to start reading about stories of things going wrong. From simple things like bad customer service or rude sales people, to lost deposits and damage to vehicles.

The fact is, this is a very unregulated industry. Or better said, how auto transport companies deal with the public is the part that is unregulated. The actual trucking part is run by the DOT and the FMCSA.

The problem has really a lot to do with what is done to control the way it is sold and advertised. And right now, there isn’t much. For one thing, there are websites out there that aren’t even auto transport companies that collect your information for a quote and sell it to brokers that may or may not even be authorized to provide the service..

Stay Away From Lead Companies

Nobody wants to be called and harassed for days.  Lead companies take your information and sell it to tiny work-at-home brokers.  You will get countless emails, calls, and texts. How can you spot them? They usually ask for a phone number. Why do you need a phone number unless it’s to call? Referral services like lead providers only work if they can give the person buying you as a lead (usually for a $1.00 a pop) if they can get a number as everyone can just ignore an email. They need to try and control your choice. We can only hope these die off soon just as they have in other industries.

Check Reviews and Complaints

The next thing to look for their ratings. More specifically, complaints. So, don’t just look up the word “reviews” after the name of the company you’re inquiring about, actually type the word complaints afterwards and see what comes up. This will definitely make it easier to find who the best auto transport company. You are isolating The results to complaints. In many cases companies reply right under to the negative review and their response can also be helpful. Nobody is going to satisfy everybody, however if you see a lot of no-shows, price increases, or other weird reviews, know you can be next.

Make sure that the prices you get include absolutely everything such as insurance and tolls. But that won’t matter if they can raise the price on you. Next be sure that they will guarantee the rate in writing and it will not change.

Find the Best by Working with Those That Treat You The Best

Look for patience and courtesy. If they are trying to rush you into making your decision, they may be making sure you don’t have to time to peel some layers. Every salesperson is going to try to get your business now, but how they take your desire to make an educated choice will matter significantly. They shouldn’t be disrespectful or rude.

Be careful with tactics.  Our favorite is “Be careful with companies in Florida.”  Yeah that helps the salesperson when they are one of every thirty companies outside of the state! Our scam page is a great tool. You’ll hear some of that almost verbatim.

Price Isn’t Everything

When trying to figure out who’s the best auto transport company, the lowest rate rarely, if ever makes them a good choice. Without a doubt, this is an industry that you get what you pay for. In most cases, the lowest price quotes are either incomplete (deposit not included, insurance not part of the price) or basically companies that receive hundreds of bulk leads from lead providers. They buy maybe hundreds a day and a small percentage will find their way to a low bid carrier that may be under qualified. These are the root of the auto transport nightmares you hear of. Rates can vary but not by much in most cases between legitimate transporters.


Be smart and choose wisely by taking your time and picking a qualified transporter. Make sure the company is available by phone, friendly and courteous. Check reviews and complaints. Do not use a lead provider or bulk site to avoid junk brokers and bad service. Lastly, don’t get persuaded by the lowest rate. Pricing should be somewhat consistent between reputable companies.