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Car shipping from one state to another will vary based on the state you are coming from, to the one you are shipping to.  The density of the population usually goes hand in hand with how many cars travel to and from different states.  Other factors like proximity to highways as well as other cities will also have a lot to so with what it costs.


Here is a list of example rates to and from popular locations:


New Jersey to / from Washington State$1125
California to / from Florida$900.00
California to/from New York$1025
New York to Florida (September to March)$800
New York to Florida (April to October)$450
New Jersey to Florida (September to March)$800
New Jersey to Florida (April to October)$450
Texas to/from California$700
New York to/from Texas$800
Washington State to/from Texas$1200
Georgia to/from California$825
California to/from Washington$700
Florida to/from DC$750


There are two different types of car shipping but mainly it comes down to two forms that just about everyone uses. The first is open carrier transport which is used by basically everyone. From dealerships to Timmy going to college. To give you an idea, the average cost for a transport crossing several states can be about $.30-40 or so a mile but some can be possibly as low as $.25.. Vehicles going from one state to the next can be a little more depending on the distance. Typically the longer the route the cheaper each mile gets. So for example a local trip between two cities could be a dollar a mile but that could be just 150 miles.


How Much does it Cost to Ship to Another State Door to Door?


Shiping door to door is the most requested option. Fortunately, the industry has answered nearly all carriers providing vehicle shipping to and from your home, office, or just about any location you prefer. In fact nearly all transport is now curbside.

The first step in finding out how much it costs to ship a car to another state is to get a quote win our car shipping calculator. There you find rates such as these (which are door to door):


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Populated Areas?


The larger the population in your area, the higher the chance of other vehicles will need to be picked up or dropped off in your pickup and destination state. Auto transport is much bigger than you think and thousands of people are shipping their cars daily. Though a nice big road in an open area makes it really easy for the trucker to park and unload your vehicle, it’s the densest and most populated areas make the most money for them. This means there are plenty of vehicles for the carrier to pick from and this also means there are many carriers coming through the area. This competition will lower pricing. Prices are also lower because distances will be smaller between stops since so many vehicles are available for pickup or delivery in small radius or distance.



How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Another State Enclosed?


Shipping a car to another state in an enclosed carrier will cost about  You should use enclosed if your vehicle is very high-end, has rare paint, etc. Expect a rate of about 35% more than state to state shipping on an open carrier. The final rate will be determined by factors like the area, the type of year, and some other factors like the type of enclosed carrier.




Once you get your rate, you can begin to factor it in with the others you may be receiving. Most customers to get at least two or three. Your decision should be based on not just price but the overall experience you have with each company you talk to. We also just wrote a very extensive post in December where we even contacted other transport companies as a customer to get your perspective and learned from it. There we also talk about all the ins and outs of getting car shipping rates from other companies. You basically not only to pay the lowest cost to ship your car to another state, but also make sure it’s with an experienced carrier that will not damage your vehicle. After you pick who’s right for you, (we hope it will be us) then begins the booking process. This is where we are also different than some others.

Please note anyone you book with should not charge a penny to book your order. In fact, we do not take any kind of deposit until a carrier has been assigned to your vehicle for pick up. That means that there is already a carrier that is ready and has committed their truck to your vehicle..You should also not have to worry about paying absolutely anything else until the driver is in front of your door dropping off that vehicle.

UPDATED 01/18/2017