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Car Transport to Another State

Most auto transport is state to state. What determines the pricing is not just the mileage, but which states you want to ship your vehicles to and from. Looking at the table show, you can see some routes are longer but cost less, for example. This is because it’s the demand and popularity of the route that determines the price as well as the distance.

Open Carrier Vs. Enclosed – State to State

Open carrier is 90% of what we do and just about everyone else does. If your vehicle is daily driven, is regularly parked outside, and valued less than $75,000 open transport is for you. This can be most cars, trucks, and suv’s that fit into this category,

Running or Non Running (Inoperable)

Car not run? If it rolls and steers it will not cost more to ship to another state, however the fee is usually anywhere from $150-200 more if it doesn’t run.

National Express Auto Transport provides full service door to door auto transport to many state routes. Below are some popular routes we see all the time for running vehicles on open carrier. For the most up-do-date information, please use our car shipping calculator.

New Jersey to / from Washington State$1125
California to / from Florida$900
California to/from New York$1025
New York to Florida (September to March)$800
New York to Florida (April to October)$450
New Jersey to Florida (September to March)$800
New Jersey to Florida (April to October)$450
Texas to/from California$700
New York to/from Texas$800
Washington State to/from Texas$1200
Georgia to/from California$825
California to/from Washington$700
Florida to/from DC$750