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Get guaranteed pickup dates with expedited transport from National Express. This will require a custom quote. You can begin by getting the standard quote online. Then call us to arrange a customized quote for your specific pickup or delivery date.

With expedited shipping, your vehicle will be picked up as soon as same or next day. This service “bumps” you ahead of other vehicles in the area by offering a premium price.

How It Works

In a normal scenario, a carrier that is in the area will want to get the most compact vehicles that pay the most money first, then they go down the line to less desirable vehicles. 

By paying a premium, you are giving the carrier more than the average vehicle is paid for that route. Therefore, they will accept your vehicle immediately. 

What you Should Know

You may have resorted to a last minute option because you’ve been waiting for a regular pickup from someone else.

It’s important to note, that some far off locations can be our of range from carrier’s radars. Auto shipping is like bees and honey. The honey (in this case many cars to ship) needs to be present to attract carriers. We’ll advise on this when you call for your custom quote.

One delay in the form of weather, road closure, etc. can easily add time. Delivery can be hard to guarantee than pickup because of this. So be sure to be ready with a little wiggle room.

Beware of Eager Brokers (Salespeople)

By now you may have been searching around for this type of service and have gotten quite a few different answers. That’s normal because you’re either dealing with sales people that can be a little stretchy with the truth.

While you can be offered a guaranteed pick up or delivery date, keep in mind that the time it takes to arrive from pick up to destination will not be faster.

Best Way to Guarantee the Date You Want (Or Get Close To It)

The right way to do it, is to place an order, ask for expedited transport, and understand you will not be charged until the carrier is found. If it passes your time limit, you can pick a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member to keep the keys for you. You can even leave them in a secure location and tell the carrier when they get there. 

With National Express you can cancel at any time without penalty as long as a truck is not scheduled. So keep that in mind too. 

Be Aware of the Following:

Pick Up and Delivery

While you can use expedited rates to try and get a pickup to be exact, also requesting it for a specific delivery date you can also get in some trouble.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a carrier that will in writing guarantee an exact date. If a full-size auto carrier is traveling with a load of 10 vehicles there could be a number of delays that pile up and push delivery an extra day.

Unexpected Delays

Let’s say that there’s bad weather, followed by heavier than usual traffic in one of the cities they are going through, and to top it off a car doesn’t start thanks to a dead battery, which happens to be stuck in back of yours on the trailer.

Combine all those delays and you could lose an entire day or more. It happens all the time. So that is why it’s a lot harder to have a carrier agree to be there exactly at a certain time because they haven’t even began the trip yet.

Understand What You Can Ask the Carrier to Do

You do have options you can ask the carrier to agree to in your order. So for example, you could have the carrier agree that they will not delivery on a “no earlier than“ date to avoid issues if they get there early.

You can ask the carrier to pick up on an exact day when they request the job from us. You can ask for a “no later than date” they can agree to as well.

That means they can be contractually obligated to do so. This leaves a window of usually 24 to hours let’s say, which is very reasonable.

Let us know if we can help. Call National Express at 800-284-7177 or use our car shipping calculator today.