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Consumers are always looking for the best prices possible when trying to ship their car. We completely understand if buying a car from afar, moving, it’s all really expensive so you want to make sure it’s cheap. National Express has you covered with the most affordable rates. Many of our customers for basic transport pay under $500 to most nearby cities and states.

Getting Low Cost Auto Transport

With literally hundreds of companies out there, it’s easy to get caught up in hunting down the lowest possible rate. But unfortunately that can come with its own set or problems because of how the industry works. Part of what is happening is that year after year costs continue to rise as there are less truck drivers out there, yet demand continues to increase.

So what is there to do so you don’t make the wrong choice? How do you assure that you didn’t go overboard on finding a low price only to have it cost you more in the long run?

Check Third Party Reviews

This seems like a pretty easy thing to do, but many are impressed with a great sounding salesperson and a well made website. Several years ago, all you had was the yellow pages where you had to manually call, listen to a sales pitch, and decide for yourself who you can trust. That’s long gone now, and you can not only base you choice on the professionalism and feeling you get, but by others’ experiences that have been shared in trusted 3rd party websites like Google, BBB, Angie’s List, and more.

Stay Away from Lead Collection Sites / Providers

Stay away from what? Lead companies are out there in this business. They appear to be auto transport companies, have trucks in the background, articles, statistics, an 800 number. But they are just sites that collect your contact info and sell it to dozens of small companies, or work at home brokers that compete aggressively for these leads. Each one of these knows that they as well as up to a dozen others just got your info and are gunning for a sale. We wrote a very extensive story on all the facts about these lead companies and much more. If there isn’t an MC# and/or DOT# on the site, then no, it’s not a real company. If anywhere you read “get multiple quotes”, get ready for your phone and email to overload with calls and solicitations. If they ask for a phone number then they must plan to call you or distribute that phone number. Nobody needs your phone number to get you a price. Period.

Avoid the Lowest Rate(s)

Many people aren’t aware that the carriers that haul the cars set the pricing. The companies giving you the rates are working with data provided by the industry. The problem is that many of the lowball pricing can have loads of hidden fees, or writing in their contract that they don’t even need to successfully ship your car to justify charging a deposit or fee! We’ve been around for a while and have seen a little of everything.  Pricing can vary a little, but if someone is way off the path most of the reputable shippers are giving you, chances are customer feedback will reflect that in various review sites. It’s likely that you will find reviews talking about how the price will change, unqualified carriers, or complaints about how you may not hear from them at all after sharing all your information with them,

Ready for a rate? Use our car shipping calculator now to get an affordable rate for your transport.