Frequently Asked Questions and Auto Shipping Tips

We realize that this may be your first and only time you transport or ship a car, truck, van, or SUV. No concern is too small. To help you get started, we have put together these frequently asked questions from customer feedback over time. Please feel free to read through them. Remember, we are just an email or phone call away.

Auto Shipping Tips and Frequent Questions

Q. How can I get a quote to move my vehicle?
A. It’s easy. You can either use the online form or call us for a quote. It’s free, and it’s done by a real person right away then sent to your inbox. By the way, your information remains private and will only be used to give you your rate directly. Give it a try. Click Here for your quote, or call 1-800-284-7177

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes we are fully insured. The average carrier we use is insured up to $1,000.000 for the vehicles it carries. We are also Licensed and Bonded as well. In the rare event that your vehicle is damaged, we will place a claim for you at no extra cost and we resolve claims quickly.

Q. Do I have to pay upfront?
A. There are no upfront fees to book. We begin working on your order right away before you pay a penny. You also don’t have to pay the final amount due until delivery.Unlike other auto transport companies, we have our Price Guarantee.

Q. Does someone come get / deliver my vehicle or do I have to go anywhere?
A. We are Door-to-Door auto transport all the way. No storage yards or depots. Also, the same carrier that picks you up, will be the one that delivers. We don’t move your vehicle on and off risking damage.

Q. How long does it take?
A. Each route is different, however on average we cover about 300 miles per day depending on how many pickups and drop-offs we have on the route. Pickup times will vary by area. For ASAP, it’s 1-3 days for normal routes, or 1 week for more uncommon or rural areas. For specific dates we ask for a 48 hour window should we have a delay of any kind. So if you are leaving on a flight the 10th, then we’d ask to get the vehicle between the 8-9th so we don’t make you late. For delivery if you don’t arrive until a certain day. We can instruct the driver to not deliver before that specific day.

Q. Open, Enclosed? What’s the difference?
A. Open transport usually occurs on those two story carriers like the ones you see at your local dealership. They are considered open auto transport carriers because the vehicle is exposed to possible dust, rain, and sun. Enclosed auto transport is inside the belly of an 18 wheeler, basically. Some are even climate controlled! For almost every transport, open is fine. Chances are your car when it was brand new came in on the same type of trailer from the port or factory. Enclosed auto transport is usually reserved for very high end, museum, or rare vehicles. Like a vehicle that has original vintage paint and can’t even get dust on it. This option is also more expensive. Customers choosing between the two have asked if they can get chipped by rocks or other airborne debris on an open carrier. Although nothing is impossible, wind deflects of the front of the truck and is pushed away form the carrier since it’s such a flat surface. Vehicles up top are even further away from the road. You can always request top rack although not guaranteed. SUV’s because of their size and convertibles because of the vinyl usually ride up top.

Q. Ok, but I live in the “Coco-Palm-Dusty-Trail Country Club Association”, and they don’t allow trucks, how do you do it?
A. No problem. If you live in an inaccessible area, like an association or very narrow street we make arrangements with you to meet at the nearest area that is safe for you, your vehicle, and all the other vehicles onboard.

Q. How do I know that when the carrier delivers to my door I won’t have to pay more? I don’t want my car held for ransom!
A. There are NO hidden costs. You also receive our Price Guarantee in writing when you order, which is also our authorization form to pick up the vehicle that is signed and your written proof. No gimmicks or bait-and-switch here. Just look at our reviews.

Q. Do you tow or drag vehicles on their wheels? What kind of truck takes it?
A. We use commercial and insured carriers only. Most transports are done on those tall car haulers, like the ones you see taking cars and trucks into dealerships.

Q. My car is modified. I have really big wheels and suspension modifications, a nifty 3 foot wing too. Is that ok?
A. Yes, as long as we know these things in advance we can send the right truck to get you. If you vehicle is over 7 feet tall, tell us that too.

Q. Can I pack things in my vehicle?
A. We get this question a lot! If you are not sending your vehicle to Canada, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, you can place personal items. Please limit your items to 150 lbs. These items should be tucked in to the trunk area. They cannot be household items. The Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations prohibit the transport of household items in vehicles being transported by auto carriers. Please do not pack valuable items. Insurance does not cover anything but the vehicle itself. If you are sending your vehicle to Canada, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico you may not pack anything. These vehicles must go empty. Under NO circumstances can any vehicle being transported contain firearms, illegal substances, hazardous materials, or contraband.

Q. What else should I know?
A. One complete set of keys are needed. All alarms need to be disabled or off. Clean the vehicle to help us see scratches or dings for the inspections. This helps us see if any damage occurred during transport. Antennas should be removed or retracted. Bike racks, ski racks that aren’t bolted on to the vehicle need to come out or be placed in the trunk and tied down. Baby seats must be secure. Finally, keep the tank at half or below as a courtesy if you can. Especially if you are packing items in the trunk.

Q. Ok, I’m ready. I saw the quote and I read all your great reviews. How do I get started?
A. Great! Call 1-800-284-7177 and hit #1 for Sales, or click the link on the quote to do it online. The form is secure and whether you call in or do it online, we do not distribute or sell your information to anyone.


Don’t take a risk. We do everything in writing upon ordering. We send you a written authorization and price agreement. It’s the National Express Price Guarantee! Read More