Ford Taurus

Production of the Ford Fiesta began in 1976 as a Front-engine compact. It is one of the best selling Fords ever.The car was also sold abroad and doesn’t have much history in the US. In August 2008 production of their Sixth generation Fiesta in Germany began. It also then was released here. There are various models including a hatch-back.

Ford Taurus

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With it wide stands, and the best design cues, Taurus Ford tells a lot. The bold grille perfects the distinctive end front. Its bold stand gives the appearance confidence while the artful inclusions add timeless refinement. The Taurus provides a unique rear spoiler on the high powerful Taurus SHO model. Its bold looking and streamline properties contribute highly to its stability and the efficiency.

Double chrome tipped exhaust improves its unique appearance to the sculpted rear lines of Taurus SEL, SE, and other models. SHO is mounted with double exhaust system designed in a manner to lower the back pressure and increase horsepower.

Taurus comes with an engine designed to enhance driving enthusiast. The standard 3.5L Ti- VCT engine provides an amazing 288 horsepower. The automatic transmission is standard on all Taurus models to enhance override automatic control and enjoy the powerful feel of a manual that has control over the selection of gear.These are two components of Trac electronic stability control on all Taurus ford models. Torque vectoring control makes use of the brake system to copy the impact of a torque vectoring differential. Whenever there is acceleration through corners, braking are applied to the front inside the wheel, and therefore most of the engine turns are transmitted to the outside wheel which has more grip. The curve control brings the car to lower speed when it senses high speed towards a given curve. Therefore making use of throttle reduction and the four-wheel braking intervention will always help you maintain control.

It features a suspension with unmatched sport-tuned shock absorber stabilizers; bars, springs and the strut mount bushings. These components are expected to avail maximum road holding, response to steering and cornering agility. The rear suspension adds on the travel suspension to enhance ride quality and dynamic control.

The amazing craftsmanship and styling are evident on the Taurus interior. Soft on touch and materials of high quality are used in the cabin. This includes the cloth wrapped center, front and rear pillars. For maximum sense of comfort, the Taurus engine compartments and cabin are insulated to separate engine from the external noise in order to assure you and your passenger’s comfortable ride.

Therefore, Taurus Ford is a classic automobile that will guarantee you maximum comfort and safety whenever you’re travelling in. The high quality and powerful engine makes it more efficient on the ordinary roads.

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