Florida Auto Transport


We see more and more vehicles coming every season from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston, and many either northern states. This happens around September and October and continues on until about February where it slows down. In March and April it reverses. Everyone spending their winters here are now need us to bring their cars back up to those states. This makes our Florida auto transport service see high demand constantly.

Florida Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$960
Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$905
Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$965
Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$1050
Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$910
Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$930
Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$930
Tamarac, FLBraintree, MA$740
Grape Creek, TXBonita Springs, FL$1140
Miami, FLLos Angeles, CA$930

Keep in mind these are our Florida visitors. And not all we do. It just happens to be the majority of the transport traffic we see because our company is so popular for these moves. This particular customer is looking for a reliable company. So if you just need us for a one time move then we couldn’t be more qualified to provide you Florida auto transport as we are trusted by hundreds of people yearly to move their vehicles time after time year after year.

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Trading the West for the East


Many of our customers are swapping coasts coming from the west and settling in, usually in the South Florida area. Our cross country service which is part of our Florida auto transport service brings vehicles from the Western states and back.

Florida is a very popular state for auto shipping. From snowbirds to full time residents, we have a full range of customers coming to our home state, bringing their vehicles with them. Florida has a population 18.9 million as of the 2010 US census, with estimates of 20 million by 2015, making it the second most populous state in southern United States. The population growth is relatively steady over the last couple of decades, at approximately 3 percent. This state has a significantly high urban population, with about 92 percent of the population located in urban areas, with Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa having the largest populations. This is 12 percentage points greater than the national average. About 2.1 million of the residents of Florida area above 65 years of age, the highest in the United States so that’s why it’s commonly known as a retirement states. Most retirees from from those that visit and transport their vehicles year after year and finally settle down to stay warm and enjoy the slightly lower cost to move down and stay.


Weather is an Incentive to Ship Cars to and From Florida


Summers in Florida can be very hot, reaching temperatures of more than 90ºF in southern Florida, but that doesn’t bother those coming here with their vehicles to stay. The majority of our auto shipping is usually from the north and most residents will trade it for shoveling snow any day. Florida experiences tropical climate, with rainfall a lot during the end of spring and early fall and humidity is relatively high during the summer, at 65 percent. Winters are moderately warm, varying between 60 and 70ºF, which is why the snowbirds live it here. With less rain and snowfall  occurring during this time. Due to the uncomfortably hot summers, most auto transport from visitors come around winter as mentioned above. Those moving from Florida are leaving and needing car transport partly because they are going to a state that has a spectrum of seasons and climate change. (At least that’s what our customers tell us.)


Reasons for having us as your Florida Auto Transporter

The answer is in our results. Just by looking at our reviews you’ll notice that we have a lot of happy customers using our service all the time. Others like you are the very reason we keep our doors open. We go the extra mile to assure that everything goes as it should and that you are satisfied with our service. We have a price guarantee, award-winning staff and and a vast network of certified carriers that will do the job right the first time. Down, or Florida auto transport service is the absolute best there is.

Planning to ship your vehicle to or from Florida? National Express offers great service, at a great .  Dial in your information through our car shipping calculator, or simply call 1-800-284-7177 to get a rate today.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Miami Auto Transport


We’re not only a full-service and nationwide auto transport company, but we also service our customers right here locally with Miami auto transport services.

We provide car shipping throughout all of Miami-Dade County. We also cover neighboring areas such as Monroe, Broward, and Palm Beach in our South Florida network of carriers.

Miami Auto Transport Flat Bed Carrying Vehicle.

Why Choose National Express for Miami 


Although it would be fair to say that we are just as efficient in any state or city, if you prefer dealing with a company that’s nearby here in Miami with excellent ratings and good service then we are the choice for you. Our Miami auto transport services are safe and professional and we cover every detail from top to bottom with you in mind in every transport we complete. Like with all our carriers throughout the United States, we have specific requirements that need to be met before a carrier can join our network. They must have a clean record, have a minimum amount of years on the road, and no violations. We provide a price guarantee that assures you won’t pay more than your quoted price.

We also have our specialties here that are exclusive to Florida. For example, Miami remains one of the top destinations for auto carriers thanks to our visitors from the Northern states. These snowbirds come during the winter months.Many of our repeat customers are those that come down to visit in the winter months to avoid the bitter cold of the Northeast. Transporting a vehicle down is way more cost-effective instead of renting one. Since we do so much of this every year, we have the most rock-bottom prices available with the absolute best service.

Don’t waste anymore time, call us at 800-284-7177 or request your quote today to get started with National Express Auto Transport.

Proven and Professional in Fort Lauderdale


Being located in Florida, auto shipping is significant in Fort Lauderdale. Florida has the highest number of auto shipping activity in the whole of United States. Major tourist destinations, beaches, and warm weather are all found in Florida. For this reason, many people come to this city for a wide range of activities. This has contributed to the high number of people requesting auto shipping services in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Transport
Fort Lauderdale is close to Miami and thus the best way to access it would be by using Interstate Line I-95. The line serves the Northern and Southern cross of the Eastern part of the United States. I-95 also serves other major cities in the U.S, it’s therefore a popular route among many auto shippers. Accessibility to major cities makes shipping to and from Fort Lauderdale cheaper compared to other regions in the united states.

Another major Interstate is the I-75 that serves the North-South route. This is also a popular line among shippers as it runs from the East to the Western edges of Fort Lauderdale. This lane is not used by many shippers as most of them prefer using I-95, but it also connects to major cities and towns in Florida. With the high population in neighboring areas to Fort Lauderdale, auto shipping in this region will be easy and will not cost you so much. There are chances that the Auto Shipping Company you choose will offer a good discount on your shipment.

Fort Lauderdale is a city in Broward County in Miami Metropolitan Area in Florida. The city was once a military base though people began to move into the city after building of ferry system over New River. The population was sparse back then around 1860’s but due to an annexation of nearby areas, many people have migrated into the area and population has risen by the day. The city is relatively smaller compared to other cities in Florida, with a 38.6 Square Miles. The city serves a relatively lower population too of slightly over 200,000 residents. Fort Lauderdale is one of those cities in Florida that is growing very fast and development of major sectors of the economy has seen great entry auto shippers in the city.

Before you decide on any particular shipping company, it is important to discuss the details with a professional. This will enable you to get a quote to know the cost as well as what is invlolved. Any variety of special requests could affect the price. For example, if the vehicle doesn’t run it may hike the price since it may require special equipment. Carrier charges will also differ depending on your pick up and delivery locations. To save on costs, make sure you are closer to a major highway where picking and delivering is convenient.

It’s equally important to choose a shipping company that offers insurance coverage for a shipment. In case of damage, you’re sure that you will be compensated and chances of incurring a loss are low. Similarly, feel visit their our site and fill in the instant online shipping calculator to have a an idea of how much it will cost you to ship to your destination.

Professional and Safe in Orlando


Orlando is a popular place to visit. It is also one of the most popular locations for auto shipping in Florida, due to its size and location as well as its connections to major highways heading up and down the state to other cities.

Orlando Auto Transport
Orlando is only 26.4 miles west of I-95 which connects the most populated areas in Florida. Like Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. So needless to say any vehicle coming in and out of Orlando will have plenty of auto transport available. Florida is the epicenter of car shipping thanks to Snowbirds that travel up and down year after year.

The city is home to the popular and well-visited Disney World and SeaWorld, and Universal Studios, to name but a couple of theme parks, which make the city a popular choice for tourists spending a season in Orlando. Also, the airport is the 13th busiest in all of the United States, which proves how Orlando is a place that many people love to come to. People do not only come to Orlando for its theme parks, but also since the weather is nice here all year round. Orlando’s warm, sunny summers and mild winters make it a lovely city both to visit and live in. Other than famous theme parks, the city offers high-end shopping experiences, nice restaurants and much more.

The city of Orlando is the fifth largest city in the state of Florida, known as the Sunshine State. This city was founded around 1837, and it is also the county seat of Orange County, which it has been since 1856. It is home to more than 230,000 people, and if you count the people living in the entire metro area, the number of residents adds up to around two million.

If you are thinking about shipping your car to or from Orlando, there are some things that you need to know before you decide to hire an auto transport company.

The total cost of shipping your car does not only depend on which car transport service you choose, it also depends on the destination and the total shipping distance. What also affects the price is if the car is operational or not, and also which type of car it is that you are shipping. The price is also based on the departure date, since prices fluctuate depending on which time of year it is.


In order to make sure that there have been no damage is caused to your car during the shipping, you should request that the car is delivered during the day. When the sun is out, it is easy to spot any new scratches or other damage in the instance it occurs. Speaking of sunlight, it may also be a good idea to request an enclosed auto transport if this is a high end car. Keeping the car exposed to the elements during the shipping is not common, but vehicles with special or original paint, rare or expensive cars should be protected as much as possible.

A final piece of advice is to clean your car thoroughly, in and out, before the shipping. Keep no loose items in the car, since they can cause damage by moving around in the car during shipment. When all this is done, take photographs of your car and if possible, verify the documentation of the condition of the vehicle with the car shipping company you choose.

Looking to move your car to or from Orlando? Snowbird coming for a seasonal trip? Call us today at 800-284-7177 or use our free car shipping calculator to get an instant rate.

Port St. Lucie Auto Transport
Port St. Lucie FL is one of the most populous municipality in St. Lucie County Florida. According to a recent US census report, the city population is estimated to be 179,413 residents, which surpasses the neighboring cities such as Fort Lauderdale. The city is part of the broader Port St. Lucie metropolitan area with a population of more than 438,000 residents.
Port St. Lucie FL is situated along Turnpike in the southern region of the Sunshine State. It is one of the few cities that are surrounded by rural farmland and natural environment which brings numerous outdoor enthusiast from all over the country every year.

It is also a home to Met baseball training facility and Mets rookie-level team.The beach is only a few minutes from the city center. The city is a beautiful place to live with a family. The temperature in the region is friendly. During summer, the average temperature is around 90 degrees during the day, with lows being to 72 degrees. Winter is short and cold, with lows hitting 49 degrees.

If you or your family have decided to explore this place or makes it your permanent residents, it is important that you choose a reputable car shipping company. Here are few things that you might need to keep in mind:

– Shipping rates depend on several factors such as the type of vehicles, pickup location and destination type of shipping-whether it’s open or closes, and the shipping distance. Therefore, you need to do a little bit of research and get several quotes and get the one that fits your budget.

– Port St. Lucie car shipping rates can also vary on seasonal demand, and the type of vehicles, so it would be important to check whether the car shipping company offers some discounts to reduce the overall cost.

– Do not forget to ask for proof of insurance and whether the company offers door delivery for convenience. A majority of car shipping companies in Port, St. Lucie Fl do offer door to door delivery to improve the shipping experience without a charge.

– You can also request to have a closed transport to protect your transport if you have an expensive vehicle to protect the car during transportation.

– The car shipping company may require you to sign a waiver for any items on the car, so make sure you remove all personal effects, rates may also be based on weight and removing any items that might add cost is advisable.

Ready to get started? Call 800-284-7177 or try out our car shipping calculator to get a rate today.

Professional St. Petersburg Auto Transport Services


Residing in the middle of some of the most heavily traveled routes, St Petersburg auto transport companies and carriers have no trouble moving cars in and out of the city. There is a number of shippers who are at your rescue when you need to transport your car, truck or SUV to and from this city in Florida.

St. Petersburg Auto Transport
The FLorida economy and tourist industry enhance the demand for many snowbirds as well as people relocating that are looking to hire the services of an auto shipper.

There are major and minor interstate highways that lead into and out of the city. The I-75 is the main interstate line that serves the whole of Tampa, Florida. The interstate Highway also goes through St Petersburg. Your choice here will depend on your pick up as well as delivery locations. For shipments along the East to the West, you will have to use the I-4 interstate. This line runs through to Central Florida and East of Tampa.

These two interstates plus the Interstate Highway, allows carriers to have a variety of options when serving the Metropolitan area of St. Petersburg. The most convenient route that carriers find, is picking up or delivering a car in Tampa. So rates are slightly cheaper because of it, but not my much. In this location, they can easily get cars to and from. With high population and rising number of tourists visiting this area, you are sure to find a reliable and professional auto transport that is lightning fast.

As stated earlier, the best point to choose for your pick up and delivery is Tampa, choose a point that is close to the area where you are likely to travel while in St. Petersburg. There are many destinations that you can choose while traveling through Florida and therefore picking a convenient location is paramount.

Choose a service provider who is going to protect exterior attributes of your car, truck or SUV. You do not want to visit paint shops and garages after your vehicle has been shipped. Make sure the auto shipping agency you choose offers enclosed auto shipping.

For vacations and tours around Florida, it is important to schedule your tours in advance. This gives you room to research on major routes and highways to use while you drive within the city. It is also economical as you will be able to locate shortest routes to your destination and thus save on gas.

Auto transport services to and from St. Petersburg equal safety and convenience overdriving your vehicle along. Hire a certified and licensed auto transport company like National Express and you will never go back to driving your vehicle when coming to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Call 800-284-7177 or use our car shipping calculator, today.

Efficient, Safe, and Experienced in Tampa


Auto shipping to and from Tampa, Fl is not a difficult task since there are well-traveled routes and interstate lines that lead through it. This makes auto shipping convenient and easy. If you are seeking to ship to or from Tampa, you will find a great number of auto shippers who will offer a wide array of shipping services.

Scottsdale Auto Transport
Auto transport is not an easy task that you should decide to do on your own. Nor should you drive yourself along desolate highways. You can rely on reliable and professional services of an auto transport company that knows the area well and is well aware of how a vehicle is properly relocated.

The main Interstate line that runs through Tampa is the I-75 that runs from the North to the South of Florida. It stretches from the West of Miami to the Gulf Coast. It then turns to the North and goes through to Detroit, Michigan. Interstate I-4 is another major line that runs within Tampa. This acts as a feeder route to major interstate lines. This helps auto shippers moving into and out of Tampa and connects them to I-75 which is to the West of Tampa and I-95 which leads to the East. Many auto shippers prefer using I-95 to I-75 due to the many openings and higher chances of a direct shipment to Florida. The I-75 joins with major cities such as Miami, Jacksonville and Dayton Beach.

Costs for shipping to and from Tampa will largely depend on your pick up and delivery locations. When hiring a particular Auto shipping company to be sure to accurately state your pick up and delivery destinations. The auto shipper will be able to analyze various routes they would use to minimize the cost of your shipment. If you are interested in shipping your car to and from Tampa, take your time to fill out an online shipping Calculator so that you have a rough estimate of the shipping costs. Otherwise, you can request for shipping quotes from a number of companies and pick on one you find economical.

Tampa is one of the cities, in the state of Florida, United States. The city lies to the West of the USA with a population of 350000 residents. Tampa is one of those cities in Florida with major tourist and scenic destinations for waterskiing, sunbathing, hiking, trail biking and ice skiing. The city receives a high number of visitors who come for vacations during summer and spring. The capital center of this state is St. Petersburg. This state is sometimes referred to as the great Tampa as it stretches up to Sarasota Metropolitan area. This city is a home to over 2.9 Million people thus contributing the thriving economic activities around Tampa.

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