Fastest Way to Ship a Car

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The fastest way to ship a car is on an open carrier with expedited transport. A truck will be there normally same or next day. Regular open transport is also very fast. It can take 1-3 days on average, or up to 5 days to pick up a vehicle.

Open carrier may be all you need. They are the fastest for long and short distances and the most abundant form of transport.

If around 1 to 3 days is acceptable, then go to our calculator to get started. If you need expedited pickup, dial 800-284-7117 to speak to up for custom quote.

This is done by paying a higher premium than normal rate required. It assures your vehicle gets picked up by a carrier sooner. In auto transport there's a simple rule you can go by. The smaller and highest paying vehicles will get on first. Especially the ones grouped in a convenient area.

So for a carrier to arrange your vehicle to go on it has to pay well. If it is off the expected path or large vehicle, it will affect that rate as well. In most cases, they will rearrange their load and route to get you faster.

What You Should Know

Carriers are only allowed to travel certain distances per day and have required rest periods. This can be around 500 miles per day when divided out.

In some cases if the carrier has "team drivers" then they can drive almost continuously. One is resting and the other is driving. But not every carrier will have that. However, if the rate is good there will be more than one carrier that can get your vehicle. The dispatcher can pick the best option for fastest delivery.

It's important to note that holding out for carrier that has team drivers can make you lose other fast pickups. That could hurt your timeline. There is no guarantee that a carrier with team drivers will emerge.

In this industry, the longer you give yourself, the better the results. If you book at least a week in advance, you increase your chances of getting your preferred dates.

Last minute bookings are usually pricey, because you are trying to get the vehicle picked up same or next day.  It will still take the same amount of time to travel to its destination. This is the case even if they are not paying the price you did.

Double Booking Will Slow You Down

Another good tip is to be careful to not double book. When you book twice it slows you down even if you go expedited. That's an easy way to have it not be the fastest way for you. 

The reason that you can't book with two companies is that nearly will use a "load board". It's the marketplace where 90% of the auto transport business between brokers and carriers occurs. There is only one board everyone uses.

This means a carrier will see your car listed twice and possibly three times if you were calling everywhere. They end up ignoring the vehicle as they do not know who has the order. They may be afraid to show up and someone already got it.

Aside from that, they may be waiting for the two brokers to play on each other. Each one wants your business. They both keep bumping the price up like a game of ping pong, only hurting you in the end. This could increase the time as opposed to make it faster so be careful!

Try us out and get an instant rate with us today. Most pickups with National Express occur within 1 to 3 days. That is faster than just about everybody out there and we try very hard to do it.

If you need the fastest way to move your car from point a to point B, let National Express take the lead.