How do I ship a Vehicle From Puerto Rico?

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What do you need to ship a car to Puerto Rico. We go over this in detail in our Puerto Rico page. But for just the list of the requirements, read on. To learn about the import process and all about paying the taxes, visit our PR How to full guide.

Here's what you need:

Vehicle Registration: You need the registration and or title (always the title) with valid photo Identification.

Financed Vehicles: If you have a bank loan on the vehicle, you must be a letter from the bank authorizing vehicle for export from Puerto Rico.

Certificate of “No Fines”: This is due with $1.50 stamp from the Puerto Rican DMV (Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas) that will only be valid for 3 days including the date it was issued.

Inspection: All vehicles have to be inspected by the Division of Stolen Vehicles at the Puerto Rico Police Department which will only be valid for 5 days, including the day it was issued.

Voucher: A $10.00 auto export voucher “comprobante” from the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Department “Colecturía”.
Certificate of “no debts” with ACAA. This one actually lasts 30 days.

Car Wash: Receipt for the car wash, showing the vehicle was cleaned on the outside as well as under the vehicle and the engine compartment.

Power of Attorney: If you are not the owner of the vehicle, an original Power of Attorney certified by a lawyer with copy of the owner’s ID authorizing the shipment. This must be submitted to allow the vehicle to be dropped off.

Running Condition Required: Vehicle must run and drive.(If vehicle becomes stops running after being received, an additional $150.00 will be charged. This does not include jump-starts for dead batteries)

No Damage to Windshield: The windshield cannot be damaged or cracked or the vehicle will be rejected.

Fuel: All vehicles may have no more than 1/4 tank of gas upon drop off or they cannot be processed.

These requirements are for all Cars, Trucks, SUV’s and Vans