Do I Tip the Auto Transport Driver?

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The answer is really that it is up to you.  However, if the driver was cordial, on time, and did the job exactly as they were supposed to it’s always a welcomed gesture.

Just like when you order food to your door or even have someone deliver an appliance or TV that you bought, you may decide to offer a little extra green especially if they did great work. Auto shipping is no different.

From the perspective of the customer working with the carrier, you may notice the driver is also the owner and operator of the truck. So not just a deliveryman working for a big company. But do not let that deter you from giving a tip of its deserved. 

Something to consider: A carrier sometimes miscalculates what they need to get paid for a load because they end up with an expensive mechanical issue, or road closures making them spend extra fuel, even cancellations they don’t have time to fill on the route. That means a surprise tip at the end would make their day, especially if that’s their situation.

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