Does eBay Ship Cars?

No, eBay does not ship cars or refer you to auto shipping services. There are some listings, mostly car dealerships, that shipping for vehicles can be arranged. This is still outside of the eBay transaction. Sometimes dealers have an auto transporter they work with or have become licensed auto shipping brokers to ship cars for customers. Some private sellers will know of an auto shipping company they like. National Express specializes in eBay car shipping as well as other kinds of auction car transport.

Why eBay is Not Involved in Auto Shipping

eBay is focused on auctions and do not focus on auto shipping as most auto shipping is controlled by owner operators. Basically, these are carriers that run their own trucks and almost exclusively take vehicles from licensed brokers. eBay would have a difficult time managing third party shipping from a customer service standpoint as carriers are not required to conform to eBay's stringent guidelines. Carriers are also not willing be tied down to working for only one company.

What About eBay Car Sellers that Offering Their Own Shipping?

As mentioned dealers are likely to arrange shipping for vehicles mostly. Some private sellers too if they are very familiar with it. But, keep in mind this takes you away from the decision process should you have a say on who moves your vehicle for you. It's always best to do research and pick an auto transport company.