What Kind of Company or Website Should I Avoid?

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At all cost avoid lead providers / lead aggregation websites. A tell tale sign is asking for extra information. Like a phone number.

This is the number one mistake unknowing customers make. These websites are completely masquerading as auto transport companies and all they do is sell your information to anyone willing to buy. The result will be calls and text messages that will seemingly never end offering you prices for shipping your vehicle since you provided an email and a phone number for them to bombard you with.

The sales people are incredibly aggressive and will continuously try to convince you to book with them. This causes customers to misunderstand what dealing with a broker is and what a carrier does.

A proper carrier has a truck (or trucks) and moves cars either directly or most of the time with an actual broker company. A real broker company is an established entity that has real reviews, real customers, and has trained individuals that move vehicles legitimately.

Usually the individuals buying leads and chasing after customers in this very intrusive manner can be simply one-man operation / work-from-home sales people. They simply have a license to post vehicles to the load boards used by truckers. They are not backed by a bonafide auto transport company and giving established brokers a difficult time in establishing credibility.

Fortunately over the recent years fewer and fewer are left as customers are savvy and have become accustomed to doing research on who they work with.

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