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Auto transport in general is pretty regulated as far as safety. But there are certain vehicles that can’t risk a single thing happening. Even a small chip in the paint thanks to rocks and road debris. If your classic has original paint, an extremely valuable paint job, or you just plain don’t want to have a single thing possibly happen to it during transport, then you want the safest possible choices.

First off all these are door to door. You are paying for a premium service and you will get door to door delivery unless it’s not allowed or physically possible. Be sure to also check out our classic car shipping page for more classics. Also our enclosed transport post is a great resource for you.


So without further delay, let’s get in to the safest door to door classic car shipping services.


The Three Safest Door to Door Classic Car Shipping Services Available to You



Option 1: Hard Side Enclosed Carriers


This is the creme de la creme of auto transport carriers. A rolling fortress, these trailers are pulled with a semi like most carriers but the trailer is completely sealed off from the world. It looks like a tractor trailer you would see anywhere but the sign that it holds cars inside will be the smaller wheels. This is done to allow for two levels of vehicles to be inside. These trucks will feature a liftgate as seen in the photo. This will allow nearly flat loading of low clearance vehicles and sensitive vehicles.  Classic modified cars for example have have traction bars, deep sump oil pans, subframes, all can lower clearance and get caught on a conventional trailer.  If you have a special show car, you need a lift gate. These are the safest and best for this purpose. Most classics however won’t necessarily require this as cars used to be higher of the ground.



Option 2: Soft Side Enclosed Carriers


This soft side carrier is another type of a great and safe truck to have pick up your pride and joy. These are usually larger than hard side carriers, and are sealed with tarps that have rubber lining and snaps to old them in place and keep harmful debris out.  Many will not have a lift gate but long ramps to provide the least amount distance from the ramp and the ground. Most classics are higher off the ground than even today’s muscle cars, so in most cases you won’t have any issues whatsoever with a ramp. The issues with ramps will usually be with exotic cars because they can be even as little as an inch from the ground. Not counting option #3 below, they are are the most available of the enclosed trucks.




Option 3: Enclosed Car Trailer (Not Pulled with a Semi)


This is another form of hard sided carrier, but it will be pulled by a truck similar to the one pictured. They offer similar protection to the options above. Just on a smaller scale. Some feel safer with a massive truck because it’s less likely a fender-bender would cause a problem for your classic vehicle since it takes a huge accident to get in the way of all those thousands pounds on the road, but these licensed and insured carriers are everywhere and suffer little to no incident.  They have the benefits of a hard sided carrier which offers the best protection, but will deliver faster because there are only 2-4 vehicles. They also fit in crowded cities and narrow roads unlike a large carrier that needs to have plenty of space to enter certain neighborhoods or downtown areas. These are the most common enclosed carriers on the road.



These are all Enclosed. How About Open?


Open carrier can of course be used if you don’t mind your vehicle getting wind, rain, dust and sun along the way. That is actually the fastest way to ship cars. However when it comes to the best in protection, it lacks with the options listed above. However, if your vehicle is a classic that is in road condition where it has its share of blemishes and history, then open is of course just fine for you.



So then what is the best choice?


Really it’s up to you. Do you want fast pickup, fast pickup and delivery, or want to wait for the ultimate protection of a hard sided truck that can lift your classic?   It will depends on those things and other factors such as your urgency, the condition of the vehicle, or if it it’s an ultra rare one of a kind classic. Maybe you are just moving a vehicle under restoration that leaves sensitive parts exposed. These differences will determine what’s best of these three.


Summing Up


Pricing is actually very similar with these 3, and do not vary really at all. Where the smaller carrier needs to charge less for less protection, they will pickup and deliver faster. So that justifies the price being the same. Where the soft side carrier will be s small step down from hard sided, it will make up the price with faster availability and coverage areas. You are free to include or exclude these as you wish (at least when booking with this auto transport company.)


Regardless of the case, call us today at 800-284-7177 and we’ll be glad to help. You can also use our car shipping calculator!