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National Express can ship your Dodge vehicle.  We move everything from classics to modern Dodge autos. Although the most common models are listed, we ship all years and kinds of cars and trucks manufactured by Dodge throughout all their years in the business. Your vehicle is shipped door-to-door, insured, with our price guarantee by professional transporters.
Dodge Auto Shipping and Transport
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Dodge Cars and SUV’s


Dodge is the performance and muscle car oriented segment of Chrysler FCA. Previously it used to encompass the Ram line of trucks. However, that became their own brand and Chrysler left Dodge to focus specifically on their performance oriented sedans and coupes. Dodge produces one of the last mid size V8 powered SUVs left in the market outside of the luxury segment called the Durango.

We have divided auto transport services for the the Dodge Charger more than any other of the vehicles produced by this brand. Which is no doubt true because it is their top selling vehicle right now.

Dodge is known for its performance history. Vehicles like the charger and challenger have been icons of the 60s and 70s for demonstrating all out power and relentless speed on the dragstrip. We are very glad to see that the brand has survived all the mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies that Chrysler has been through over the years stronger than ever.

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