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When you begin the search for an auto transport company, you may have be looking for someone that’s nearby. Somebody local. However, you may be surprised to see that this is not the case with auto transport.

A National Cross-Country Shipper can be Headquartered Anywhere.

A vehicle shipper is not limited by the area that they are headquartered in. Our company for example is a nationwide auto transporter. So in this case what truly matters is credentials. Who is going to provide you the absolute best service and value for your money. I mean after all that’s what anyone wants right? So although there are many local options in our state, check out reviews. Read them from places such as YelpFacebookAngies List, and Google. Nowhere does it say that a company has to be near you to provide you good service.2

Getting Quotes from Transporters Near and Far

If you’re on a budget be sure to get a few quotes. This way you can see what the average price will be. You will then compare the reviews you have read for each one. Above everything you want somebody that has extensive experience with shipping cars.

If you’re working with an auto auction, a vehicle that doesn’t run such as a rare barn find, don’t hire just anyone. They might carelessly load the vehicle and possibly damage an already sensitive car. Even the most normal situations can go wrong thanks to lack of experience. Make sure you work with someone that knows what they are doing.

Don’t Let Location Make you Pick a Less Qualified Transporter

With sensitive vehicles or high-end luxury vehicles, sometimes specialized experience doesn’t have a bargain price. Those are just the facts. For a rare or highly sought after vehicle, go with the best enclosed shipping available.

The value can be just very high to you (sentimental) or monetarily expensive, take the time you deserve.

The Time When Local Could Be Good

It is fair to say that there is one time where dealing with a local company may be beneficial. That is short distance or auto transport within the state. Thing is, you actually have to locate a transporter, not a tow company. But most of the time your search will only show tow / roadside companies. This is because again, most are partnered up with nationwide auto shippers. Since these companies have trucks everywhere, they will be better available so don’t rule them out so fast.

Definitely call us today if you want some more information on hiring an experienced Auto shipper. You can reach us at any time by calling 800-284-7177 . Also, use our instant car shipping calculator to get an instant rate direct from National Express.