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We’ve seen a lot of odd auto shipping patterns, especially this week. It will then be normal that some delays will occur because they are outside of the routes drivers keep close to during certain times of the year. For example, we have had a big jump in car shipping for college students. Parents are trying to get their kids home as soon as possible. We are registered with many colleges so that has been a lot or our work for the last week or so. Carriers are rushing to the areas to meet demand.

What the Carriers are Doing

Some drivers are staying away from the road to protect themselves while others will not get off the road unless required. Since auto shipping is pretty much a one man job (driver and truck) exposure is limited. Of the drivers we have talked to, most feel safe as long as they keep a save distance from others and avoid touching too many surfaces on vehicles without gloves or sanitizing their prior to getting back in the truck driver’s seat.

With that being the case, we have seen little in the amount of delays in areas that have a moderate amount of shipping, however in more popular areas the remaining carriers have begun to push prices upward because there are less drivers out there. So expect to see some prices go up for seasonal shipping very quickly. Some seasonal shipping has started early.

What about my College Student?

Many students are boarding planes and need their cars transported back to their home state. At this time there aren’t delays significant enough where anyone we have shipped from a college has needed to wait more than 3-4 days from the booking to get picked up which is great. Drivers (carriers) are increasing prices but it’s expected as there some not driving and others that have a lot to pick from in the form of small and lightweight well paying vehicles. We WILL NOT allow carrier price gouging and will not allow sales reps to make predatory increases in your price.

What About Overseas Shipping?

As of this article our port operations continue. Shipments to and from Puerto Rico have not seen any interruption. This goes for car transportation to or from Hawaii as well. Any existing customers will be notified of delays and all cancellation fees will be waived should this occur. Ad of today at 11 am, the port remains open from the latest updated posted. For up-to-date information go to to see if your shipment is affected.

What about Snowbirds?

For example snowbirds heading from Florida to the northeast are already seeing spikes in carrier pricing that would have occurred next month. It is also due to the fact that may snowbirds want to be safe at home if this gets worse, therefore leaving sooner. We have been adjusting our car shipping calculator daily to make sure we have accurate pricing but pricing is volatile now. So to get the most up-to-date pricing, call 800-284-7177 as we may be either to high or too low on the auto quoter. We WILL NOT allow carrier price gouging and will not allow sales reps to make predatory increases in your price.

What We Are Doing to Keep Costs Down and Help

We know that these times can encourage businesses to price gouge. We are not such a business. Effective immediately, we are dropping some of our fees. Our customers that want to pay with credit card in full will not lose the cash discount of COD payments. We are also dropping our brokerage fees on a case by case basis to help keep costs reasonable for student moves and snowbirds.

We will outright blacklist any car carrier company in our network trying to gouge pricing because of demand. It is the nature of the industry for truckers to incrementally raise prices to meet demand but rates must coincide with market rates across the board. Meaning if a route costs $700 normally, and all drivers are charging $825 now because of demand then that is the market rate that has been influenced by current events. All the carriers are at par with that range. Those refusing loads for $100’s more will not ever get work from us again.

To protect yourself, be aware of the most current information. Go to

Report price gouging to your local attorney general’s office. Find yours at