Cost to Ship Cars to the Dominican Republic - Import Tax, Fees

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Shipping a car overseas to the Dominican Republic is quick and affordable thanks to an established system of trucking and ocean transport.

You can move your vehicle to the DR from anywhere in the country. Even Hawaii. Our trucks will carry vehicles vehicles heading down to the DR depart from Port Everglades, FL and sail right to Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata.

Sample Rates

Jacksonville, Florida to Santo Domingo$1395
Long Island, New York to Santo Domingo$1850
Phoenix, Arizona to Santo Domingo$2000
Dallas, Texas to Santo Domingo$1800
Los Angeles, California to Santo Domingo$2300

General Information

The price range for your average sedan to travel to the Dominican Republic is anywhere from $1300-2400 depending on the distance to the which is added to the ocean bound rate. There are also port to port options which will cost less. Additionally, there will be an import tax associated with the shipment of your vehicle.

What does it Cost to Ship a Car to Santo Domingo Port to Port?

Port to Port pricing range from $995-$1195 depending on the size and weight of the vehicle. All vehicles are shipped from Port Everglades, Florida. Our prices are lower than dealing with the ship directly thanks to our volume discount that we pass on to you. Our fees are the lowest in the industry.

How Much does it Cost to Ship a Car to Santo Domingo Door to Port?

The cost of shipping a vehicle to Santo Domingo from different locations in the United States will vary in price depending on the distance as well as the vehicle type along with size. Use our car shipping calculator to get a rate.

Import Taxes and Government Fees

If you are importing a vehicle to Dominican Republic from the USA, your car will be subject to local customs duties including:

This can be confusing so there is a guide that can help you understand the costs. You can eliminate the guesswork by going to the Vehicle Import Calculator provided by the Dirección General de Aduanas.

For those that want to know how it's calculated, read on...

First, there can be a 20% tax on what is the "CIF" value. This stands for the cost, insurance, and freight. But not all vehicles pay it. For example, vehicles fabricated in the USA this tax is 0%. So, in other words no taxes will be charged. Not sure where your vehicle was made? All vehicles starting with "1" on the VIN are made in USA. Some start with a 4 & 5 are also made in the USA will not be charged a tax. But this designation means that some parts are not made in the U.S.A. So, they may have to be charged the tax.

There is a second tax that will be charged on all vehicles, regardless of where they are made. The tax is for the "Impuesto general al consumo Tipo valor agregado para la transferencia y importación de Bienes Industrializados y la prestación de Servicios." Which you may have seen called the ITBS for short. This translates to "Tax on the Transfer of Industrialized Goods and Services". This will be 18% of the cost, insurance, and freight you paid for the vehicle. (CIF as discussed above). This is for all vehicles, so there will not be a way to avoid this one.

Finally, the Emissions Tax which will vary depending on the amount of CO2 emissions. This tax is determined and paid once registered or import tax.

  • 120g CO2 / km = 0%
  • 121g -220g CO2 / km = 1%
  • 221 to 380g CO2 / km = 2%
  • 380g+ CO2 / km = 3%.