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Chicago used to be the most populated city with the exception of New York until it was surpassed by Los Angeles which now ahead of this city, with approximately 10 million people. So needless to say the availability of Chicago auto transport services is definitely great as there are many vehicles to move daily, making prices and availability favorable as opposed to other less populated areas of Illinois.

Chicago Auto Transport

Chicago is one of the most beautiful windy cities in U.S and with a rich history being the first world’s Skyscraper city. This gracious city with awe inspiring skyline has most of the delightful meals.

Well interconnected transport system and other factors have also contributed to a great positive growth of Chicago and auto shipping in general. As a result of this growth, it has attracted the development of great business corporations becoming a world economic powerhouse.Its economic vibrancy, especially in the transport sector is unparalleled having the busiest airport not only in the U.S., but the world. The economic boom can be traced back in the 19th century during the industrial revolution and since then, the city has never looked back.

Think of any major corporation and you will find it in Chicago from finance, legal, manufacturing, media, technology, telecommunication, beverages, the list is endless. This city has a conducive business climate, which make it easy to thrive and for that reason that is why we offer direct auto transport for your cars in and out of Chicago.

On the fun side, there are many activities and that compel people to fly or drive to Chicago. The distance can be short or long depending on where you are coming from. However, if you are planning to move to Chicago, driving there might not always be the right choice you might have to hire Direct Express Auto transport services to ship your car into Chicago.

This city is a cultural hub and has been privileged to have great blues and Jazz musicians, actors, comedians, great movie producers, and hosted great reality TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey among others. It has not been left behind in sports either, its teams such as MLB’s Cubs and White Sox, the NHL Blackhawks, the NFL Bears and NBA bulls have produced great hall of fame sportsmen such as Ernie Banks, Joe Jackson, Bobby Hull, Gale Sayers and Walter Payton, and Michael Jordan, respectively, just to name a few.

And perhaps the greatest achievement Chicago boasts of is producing the only black president; a single raised son from a Kenyan father who proved that truly U.S is a land of opportunities and people with great dreams.

In a year, Chicago gets an overwhelming number of visitors approximately above 50 million and this is attributed to its intra-connected advanced transport system of highways, railroads, ship harbors, and airports. If you need to visit Chicago for an extended stay, or plant to settle in, even move out, consider National Express Auto Transport.

Chicago being a densely populated city and forming a gateway to several towns, cities and states it has several interstate bypasses such as I-57, I-88, I-290, I-294, and I-355.As if that is not enough, it has roads from east, west, south and north. For instance, I-90 joins the city from east and passes through it to the south in Rockford and veers to the west once in Wisconsin similarly as I-94, which connects the city from Michigan. Consequently, I-80 from east, Indiana passes through the city and heads to Iowa to the west while I-55 Chicago born road connects the city to the south.

With such a great road network makes it easy to ship cars in and out of Chicago without breaking a sweat. If you need to transport your car in and out of Chicago find out rate today. Call 800-284-7177 or use our car shipping calculator.

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