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National Express has a variety of professional options to relocate your vehicle.. However cars is not all we do.  We transport motorcycles, boats, jet skis, you name it. If it’s on a trailer or we can get it on one, it goes. National Express is a complete solution and trustworthy car shipping service company.

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Auto Transport Services Driver and Truck
All transport is door-to-door and all inclusive. This means to and from destinations you specify. Insurance, taxes, tolls and all related charges are included, so there are no hidden fees. We offer open carrier, enclosed transport, flatbed services, and more. Our service does not have any hidden costs. We ship vehicles nationwide, to Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii as well.
Open Carrier Transport
This is the most common auto transport service use by most customers and the most cost efficient. It is known by some as long distance towing or car delivery. Up to 10 cars are carried on large truck to anywhere in the country. Cost is determined by mileage to and from each location, as well as how many vehicles are in range of each location to provide continuous business for the transport company. “Open” here means that the vehicle is exposed to wind, sun, rain, etc.  Call us today for a custom estimate at 800-284-7177 or fill out our form.
car transportation services
The demand for long distance towing services are in high demand all over the country. We specialize in two the most popular methods used such as open carrier and enclosed. Your long distance tow will be door to door with all fees, taxes, and insurance included.  Learn more about our long distance towing services and more about the industry. Get a quote today and get the best rates around.
car transportation services

We are National Express, it’s in our name. National auto transport services that span from coast to coast! That means we go across the country.  Entrust us to ship your vehicle anywhere in the U.S., door to door. Use our auto transport calculator to get an instant rate for your cross country / state to state shipment today. 

Exotic Car Transport Service
National Express provides a premium service for exotics. Unparalleled safely, security, insurance, all bundled in a priority service that will provide the most meticulous shipper with confidence and peace of mind when shipping a valuable vehicle.  Get “first in line” customer service, on call tracking of your vehicle, and direct access to your driver contact information.
SUV Transport Service
Ship your SUV anywhere in the country with National Express. Just like other vehicles, it’s important to know who specializes in your type of vehicle. SUVs are different than any other kind of vehicle. They come in various shapes and sizes and differ more in size and weight than cars do. Have a large SUV?  Those require experienced handling when being shipped. Learn more and get a quote today.
Multiple car transport

You can save a pretty penny by shipping more than one car at once from the same pickup and delivery location. If you are moving with your family and have more than one car you can save a lot.  Multi car transport is also a great way to save money for dealers, companies relocating several vehicles, and more. 

Enclosed Auto Transport Carrier

Enclosed is normally used for more upscale, luxury vehicles or rare vehicles. Enclosed refers to the vehicle being transported in an enclosed area. Away from the elements. Away from prying eyes. These trucks usually also feature air ride suspensions,  higher insurance limits for expensive vehicles, as well as lower clearances for sports cars and race cars. All the possible steps are taken to assure your vehicle is taken care of as you would if it was your truck moving your vehicle. Call us today for a custom estimate at 800-284-7177 or fill out our form.

Non Running / Inoperable Car
So you finally found that car you used to have in high school. Just that the only one you could get your hands on needs, well, a little work. Like maybe an engine.  It’s ok, we can handle it. We have car transporters of all kinds, and you’d be surprised the conditions vehicles we’ve moved have been in. Even if it doesn’t roll, brake, or steer we can ship it.  And just as if it was in perfect shape, it goes on our transport carrier fully insured.  It doesn’t get better than that! Call us today! or Get a Quote to get started on bringing your dream car (or what’s left of it) home!
Classic car auto transport

Taking your pride and joy to an auto show? Perhaps you just came from Mecum and purchased a one-of-a-kind classic. Some of our most loyal customers are those that entrust us with their classic cars. It’s an art and a science. These services are provided with soft tie-down systems, weather sealed compartments. We do our absolute best and it shows. Call us 800-284-7177 to speak to an advisor or get your cost instantly with our caluclator.

Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycles can be moved by our specialized shipping service. Have a custom bike, chopper, sport bike, or any kind of ATV? No problem! We move them all the time. We provide both enclosed and open options for motorcycles. We have access to right gear to properly secure your toy. Entrust National Express to ship your motorcycle.  Call us today for a custom estimate at 800-284-7177 or fill out our form.
Boat Transport
There are many reasons you would need to transport a boat. Maybe you just picked one up online or through a classified and need it delivered.  Maybe you are moving and you don’t want to deal with all the work involved.  Regardless we will be glad to take it for you. Call us today for a custom estimate at 800-284-7177 or fill out our form. As long as the trailer is in good shape, we can hook it up and take it for you right away.
services - salvage car transport

Dealers have needs regular shippers don’t, Extra attention to detail and timing are important to dealers. Your time is your money and this can be especialy true when paying storage at an auction, or waiting to have a vehicle reconditioned. Getting cars to the lot fast is a must. Entrust National Express to handle all of your auto shipping to and from your dealership, auctions, and customers. 

services - salvage car transport
Salvage cars need to be moved with expertise. Many require special equipment, extra care due to loose parts. National Express can ship your salvage vehicle safely and quickly. We specialize in handling these sensitive vehicles. Are you a dealer that buys these to repair and resell? Or maybe you are scouring through the auctions looking for that dream car you can repair and rebuild. Whatever the case, National Express has you covered.
college student auto transport

Are you a student leaving to college? The days of safely driving hundreds of miles across the country, or to even the next state are long gone. We make it easier than ever to move without driving by using a fast and reliable service to relocate your vehicle. Nothing can match the safety and security of taking a flight and having your ride arrive shortly after. Use your “.edu” email and get an automatic discount. Let National Express ship your car to school.

Military Auto Transport
We respect and honor those who risk their lives for our country. We are proud to offer auto transport for the men and women that serve our country. Armed Forces, Air Force, Marines, government position or volunteer with Freedom Corps, Request a Quote now to begin your car transport quote. Let us take care of you. We ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico. We work around your schedule, meet you off site if transport not be allowed at a military base. It’s not just a discount but special care for those that serve that sets us apart from other auto shipping companies. For full details read our Military Car Transport section created just for you!
Snowbird Auto Transport
Door-to-Door transport for our snowbirds. It’s our pleasure to help you with your stay here in Florida. Why deal with a company on the other side of the country to move your vehicle?? Do they know the routes? Do they know how what our visitors want? We do. Our service is catered to you. We take your vehicle to and from Florida. Book both together for a great rate! Not sure when you are heading back? No problem, we’ll save your discount for the return trip! Request a Quote now to begin your transport.

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Service Features

no deposit auto transport service
Everyone seems to want a deposit upfront.  Since starting out, we have believed that taking a deposit before doing any work to transport your car is something we wanted to be different from all our competitors.  Why do you want to pay anything before getting the service rendered?  That is not necessary.  National Express does not charge a deposit to book your auto shipping. Period. This makes you feel better knowing we will work for free until we get your car ready to go, and you know that if we have billed anything the truck is assigned and on the way.  We are confident with our service, that’s why we can do it.
cheap auto transport services

Everyone wants to save money. So why not use a company that will get you the cheapest rates that will ship your car quickly and safely? National Express provides high quality, low cost transport solutions to everyone in need of saving their hard earned money. Don’t take a chance with low prices with no guarantee your vehicle will ship. We offer the lowest pricing that will result in a successful shipment of your vehicle.

Carrier Transport vs. Train or Air


We are now so connected with technology that just about anyone that wants car transport will have access through online search. This makes it easy to reach out to transporters. Also, thanks to the massive reach classifieds like Craigslist, Auto Trader, and eBay there has been a demand for auto transportation. Where at one time, most vehicles were moved from dealerships or auctions, private car hauling has exploded. In fact most cars you see on the road are private vehicles. A great way to see that is by looking the the vehicles on the trailers. They will have license plates on them. Where a dealership or auction vehicle won’t have a plate because it is unregistered.

There are other types of transport, such as by plane, by train, or drive-away. However, with the abundance of carriers out there now, services such as terminal to terminal transport or shipping a car by train has begun to almost disappear.

Additionally there is shipping a car by plane, however that is far beyond most people‘s budgets and the cost of it could be many times more the value of the car unless it is an extremely valuable and rare vehicle, where the cost of the shipping is small relative to the cost of the vehicle itself.

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the transport of any car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle we’re just a phone call away at 800-284-7177 or use our car shipping calculator online today, instantly. All quotes include all taxes, fees, and insurance.


Don’t take a risk. We do everything in writing upon ordering. We send you a written authorization and price agreement. It’s the National Express Price Guarantee! Read More