Everything You Need To Know About Car Hauling

The term Car Hauling is very closely mentioned alongside car shipping as well as towing. That’s because this is a little less specific. Most see having a car transported as a long distance move and. towing being something done locally. But with car hauling, it can be a little less clear. So, for the purpose of what we do here, it is referring to shipping a car to another state or within your state, as that is what most visitors of this site are looking for. For more detail of what a transport company and a towing company is go here.

Car Shipping - Carrier with Cars
There are different types of car haulers. One of the most common is completed through the use of double-decker trucks that can regularly be seen moving cars on these long trailers. In fact, car hauling is a huge industry with thousands of carriers and owner-operators nationwide. At the same time you are reading through this because you many want to know more about this process, especially in relation to your personal transportation needs. So here’s the ultimate guide about everything you need to know about the process of car hauling.

Who Uses Car Hauling Services

There are numerous different businesses and private citizens who decide to use this form of car transport. Firstly, the main users are car dealerships which have a constant need for vehicles to be present in their lot for sale. Often, a car hauling truck will bring in a shipment of vehicles that will be immediately put on display. Car manufacturing plants of all sizes use these services for AS well as those coming overseas to the ports. This is true regardless of the fact whether or not the cars that are being hauled are completely finished or need to get some additional assembly on some other location away from the home manufacturing plant. Besides dealers, individuals are also known to use car hauling services. The most common are those that are moving or relocating. The next group of individual users comes from car enthusiasts and collectors. The types of cars are usually exceedingly expensive and rare, which is why they want to make sure nothing happens to them during transport. This is why these owners are willing to pay for car hauling that is known as enclosed transport. These prices will be higher but know their prized vehicle will not be potentially damaged during as it would by regular driving or open carrier. This shows that car hauling comes with many potential clients and purposes for the same service.

Who Provides Car Hauling

The process of hauling cards can be achieved through the use of specialized companies that offer these services. Sometimes these companies have a small fleet of vehicles, while other times a single person, who is at the same time is a hauling expert and driver, is the entire company (Owner Operators). In any case, the drivers used for this process must be exceptionally trained and experienced. To become a car hauling driver, a person must have a Class-A CDL driving licenses, which include vehicles totalling a weight of around 26,000 pounds. With this, the drivers must have at least two years of experience in OTR so that insurance companies allow them to haul cars and give them the federally mandated policy. A good auto transport company will only use carriers that have more than 2 years experience.All of this is completely understandable, being that a single haul of high-priced cars can easily reach well into a million in losses of a big accident occurs.

Responsibilities of Car Hauling Experts

It is enough to take one look at a fully loaded car hauling rig and get the picture – car hauling process is neither easy nor simple. Unlike regular cargo, cars are transported in a way that makes them exposed to the outside elements. This is why the drivers have to be extra careful to avoid any scrapes, debris or scratches during their travel. While some errors are simply unavoidable, the quality bar is pretty high for car hauling drivers, making them extra careful. Aside from this, the drivers are expected to be the ones who load and also unload the vehicles at the start and end of their journey. This process is both tedious and very demanding because even a single mistake could ruin a vehicle priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of this, many hauling drivers have previous experience in working with heavy machinery. This provides them with more experience when it comes to the moment of loading and unloading. Finally, there is the added pressure of making sure that the transport goes without any problems because losing a vehicle on the open road from a truck trailer could be disastrous for other participants of the same patch of the road.

The Diffidence between other Transportation Services

There are also other ways of transporting a car to a particular destination. For example, car shipping is used when a car is transported across the ocean, for example from one continent to another. In that case, the same car is placed inside of a shipping container where it spends its entire journey. This often includes the moment when they arrive at the US mainland, but continue on trains or even other trucks, but stay inside of the container. However, there are clear benefits that come from using car hauling services.

Advantages of Using Car Hauling Services

The key benefit that comes from this form of transport is its affordability. Unlike shipping inside of a container, hauling covers more vehicles indie of a single transport run, making the price for an individual car a lot cheaper. Then, there is the advantage of its expediency, because these transports take place regularly, no one will have to wait for a vehicle to arrive at a particular destination. Finally, thanks to its complexities, car hauling uses only the most skilled drivers who will make sure that each and every car they transport arrives at its destination safely and securely.