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California Auto Shipping Rates on the Rise

Effective 01/01/21 Until Estimated 02/22/21

If your vehicle is originating from the state of California, please read carefully…

Pricing has increased coming out of California. Be wary of quotes that are cross country charging you $900 for coast to coast. This would be the normal rate during normal circumstances. 

There are many routes which have an increase in price and this is due strictly to demand. If you were seeing higher than normal rates with some quotes from respectable companies like ours, this is due to the sheer volume of vehicles from what appears to be a large exit.  

For example, our normal rate from California to Texas is about $650 where now it appears that it’s getting into the $900+ range. 

California to Florida for example is easily costing about $1300 or more which is more like an enclosed rate than an open carrier rate.

You will be seeing higher than normal rates for the unforeseen future. It appears there are many people who are leaving the state of California. This will include vehicles that need to be shipped to states like Texas and other locations in the east like Florida, North Carolina, and of course the Northeast. That region will include states such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.. These areas in particular will experience some delays and higher pricing. This is 100% due to demand.

National express is not out to price gouge or is taking advantage of demand in anyway. In fact, we have lowered our fees that we charge and providing more money to the carriers so that way we can ensure pricing stays lower and you don’t have to pay more than you have to.

We are 100% on your side and want to make sure you get your car ship quickly. As we mention to our customers over the phone, you should really not try to bargain shop at this time if you’re expecting a speedy pick up. Our rates are fair with a minimum margin of 10% to 15% as most shippers should, regardless of the demand. We are now leaning to a 10% margin to help customers. 

Should you have any questions please give us a call or if you need a rape user instant car shipping calculator to get the cost immediately.