Top 14 Places to Sell A Car Online for Top Dollar

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In the last couple of years the used car market has soared beyond expectations. A huge part of it involves the lack of new vehicles available. The uncertainty involving the economic future has made it so the average consumer is trying to spend less. Most auto lenders have made it harder to lease vehicles affordably due to concerns that resale values couple plummet, forcing people to buy used to keep payments low.

That makes it a great time if you are the one selling as the multitude of buyers allows you to get top dollar, more than any other time in recent history.

So then what are the best places that you can sell your car online where it can be seen nationwide? Let's dive in and take a look at 14 of the best and most used places you can sell your car online.

1. Autotrader

The oldest and longest standing online marketplace to sell your car is Autotrader. Starting off as a print media many years ago, they are one of the first. They feature over 3 million listings from 250,000 private sellers just like you and 40,000 dealerships make up the rest. It is estimated over 15 million people monthly visit the site via Google search alone.

The website itself is very detailed in explaining how to sell a vehicle and feature great buying guides too. They do a great job of educating you on how to sell your vehicle quickly and safely.

Although in some ways this is somewhat of an a la carte service as they don't offer in-house payment services or escrow, we chose this one as our number one because they are most popular for private sellers. We also chose them due to their reach as everyone is very familiar with who auto trader is and what they are for. Additionally we also like that your listing come also out on the Kelley Blue Book cars for sale. Inspired by the competition, they now can get you an instant cash offer for your vehicle.

You can get your feet wet with a $25 basic listing or if you want all the bells and whistles you can opt for the $90 premium listing with maximum exposure.

2. CarGurus

These guys showed up on the scene almost out of nowhere at one point and have been annihilating the competition. So it's hard to not give it the number 1 spot. They receive an estimated 16.7 million search visitors a month. This makes them one of the top websites to sell a car since they have a lot of exposure for your vehicle. They have five levels of a used car deals which helps you list your vehicle at the best price to get the fastest results.

They make our second pick not just because of their exposure and high traffic but because of how easy the site is to use. It's also impressive that they manage the payment process securely for you removing the concern of bogus checks or other payment scams.

The buyer can send payment direct through CarGurus pay (formerly known as autopay). They will hold the payment and let you know when it has cleared so you can handover the keys and title to the buyer. Once the buyer confirms they have the title keys and the vehicle, payment is released. They do an ACH transfer that appears in your account within three business days. Even though this is a great feature, you can still deal directly with the seller.

3. eBay Motors

Now how can you have a list without eBay. eBay Motors has long been a great place to find a vehicle. The great thing about eBay is chances are you know how to use it! You already have the app. Just this time you are selling your car instead. Local listings are free, however national listings are priced out between $16 and $125. Of course, the point of eBay is for everyone to see your vehicle nationwide.

You also don't have to run an auction. You can simply create an eBay Classified Ad that will come up right along auction listings for your vehicle. The one thing will be that is a bit inconvenient is that you have to renew every 30 days.

eBay knows why they are charging more than others. That's because eBay is an easy go-to. Just like you as the seller have easy access, so does the seller for the same reasons as you do. They make our number 3 spot because of thee ease of use, built in financing, and a great spot for specialty vehicles or classic vehicles too.


This oldie but goodie has been up and since 1998. While some of its competition was still selling paper printed listings at gas stations and convenience stores, was listing vehicles online. Back then nobody knew about doing much online, let alone car shopping or letting you know you can sell a car online, so they partnered with Motorweek since the beginning where they currently are featured on comparison reviews like this one. They were also on the Car Talk radio show that ran until 2012.

Fast track to today, they have grown to a massive inventory of over 3 million vehicles. Not only do they list vehicles on their own site, they feature your listing in over 175 newspapers and partners such as ,, and They have about 3 million used cars for sale at any given time. The site is intuitive and easy to navigate. provides listings start from free up to $49. We like the paid package because it provides a free Carfax report. Like CarGurus and Autotrader, you can also get an offer for your vehicle instantly rather than listing on the site and wait. But what pushes this site down to the number 4 spot is the heavy advertising and it appears to be more dealer centered than geared to help the private seller.

5. Facebook Marketplace

With almost a quarter of the world's population on Facebook, it was common sense to launch Facebook Marketplace. There are nearly 1.8 million daily average users so that is more than plenty of eyeballs for your vehicle.

Just like our #3, we put this in our mega list to sell a car because of the ease of access since nearly everyone has the FB app. Everyone pretty much has it and everyone knows how to use it. A bonus of this being a social media platform is that you can also take a look at the buyer's profile. Depending on what they have bought and other information they leave public can give you a better idea of who you are dealing with unlike other sites like Craigslist where it can be a total mystery.

However, use caution when dealing with buyers. As of 2021 it is estimated that 1.7 million facebook accounts are fake. For these reasons, we give this our number 5 spot on the best places to sell a vehicle.

6. Carvana

Since it's debut, Carvana has changed what a dealership could be by creating the first 100% online buying and selling experience. Taking some of the best that Carmax pioneered, such as letting you sell a car for the same price regardless if you buy one or not and "no-haggle" buying fully online. From the purchase agreement to financing.

They redefined car buying and selling. So much so that now Cargurus,, and Autotrader all have adopted their own instant car buying offerings to consumers after realizing sellers are willing to take less for a fast result. All by putting the lure of immediate cash-money in the seller's hands without having to wait for a sale. Direct competitors like Vroom have now appeared as a result.

Carvana gets our number 6 spot because for being the easiest and simplest way to sell a car. It's literally click and get paid once they show up on your doorstep. They give you decent money and usually don't nitpick during inspections, making it ideal to use. But remember, since they buy your car to sell it later, there is a margin you lose by not selling it yourself.

7. CarMax

Dropping to our number 7 spot is sales giant CarMax. There is no doubt that Carmax has pioneered much of the process that has made them one of the fastest growing dealership chains in the country. Established in 1993, CarMax is the first of its kind. However, although their prices for buyers are competitive and they have good quality inventory, this after all is about the best places for selling your vehicle.

Carmax will give you an online appraisal and then conduct a final inspection for your vehicle by having you bring it to any of their 231 locations. You can also just drive right up without an appointment or going online. However, a former CarMax employee stated that they get their online appraised value from Edmunds data which is usually higher. As long as your description is accurate, they will honor that offer.

There’s no obligation to buy from CarMax if you sell your car to them. However, their process is extremely detailed and you can easily see hundreds of dollars slip away with every checkmark during the inspection. If want to sell a car that has had paintwork, features some road rash on the wheels, worn interior, a ding here and there, it will all affect your offer big time. In general it's been reported that CarMax offers are usually lower than Carvana or Vroom because CarMax pays for physical locations and staff.

8. Hemmings

If this was a list focused on the best place to sell a classic car, this would be number one on a much shorter list. However, since this encompasses all types of sellers and vehicles, it's on our number 8 spot as much fewer of the vehicles for sale are classic cars. Hemmings is geared towards high end classics and some modern muscle cars.

However, if what you have a sweet classic vehicle you need off your hands than this is the place to be. Keep in mind, it's not cheap at $129. However, you do get a lot for the money. You take advantage of one magazine ad with one photo that can be seen by about 165,000 subscribers for the month. You also get an online listing, unlimited description length and 35 Photos. Potential buyers can see your vehicle from anyhwere in the U.S. A buyer from afar can come to you or you can have it shipped.

Hemmings is synonymous with high end classic vehicles and collector cars. They know this well, boasting that they have been "The Bible" of collector car hobby since its inception. Hemmings Motor News was founded by Ernest Hemmings in Quincy, Illinois, in 1954. They have over 10,000 Car Club listings, an online car show made by site users in My Hemmings, a Dealer Showroom featuring collector-car inventories of more than 300 classic car dealers coast to coast, and even an online store.

9. Bring-A-Trailer

The guys at Bring-A-Trailer (also known as BAT) are just another example of a well marketed niche car selling site for classics and just the coolest rides around. If want to sell a car like a classic Buick Grand National, Saleen S351 Mustang, a tricked out Lotus Esprit, 1979 Black and Gold TransAm, or need a place where you can sell a mint 2000 Chevy Metro for $18,000 this is where you want to list it.

Just like Hemmings, it's the our pick for another best place to sell your classic car, but definitely a top pick for anything that's rare and interesting. Therefore BAT over all makes number 9 on this guide. What makes BAT great is that they have excellent marketing and attract everything from the totally awkward to the amazingly rare.

The New York Times said BAT is taking the classic car world by storm. They are the subject of a lot of car blogs like Barn Finds , AutoBlog, and others. So if you have something out of the ordinary, cool, or hard to find, this is the spot to sell your car. Check them out to sell privately, quickly, and get top dollar.

10. Cars & Bids

This site market themselves as the place to sell modern enthusiast vehicles. They state on their site, "Auction your modern enthusiast car — anything cool and exciting from the 1980s to the 2020s.". Cars & Bids delivers what they promise beautifully as their listings are just about every cool car anyone would love to have if they could have them all. Looking to sell your Paul Walker 10 second Supra Clone? How about a cool BMW 850i?

These guys may be taking our 10 spot but it's for no other reason than it's specific to the enthusiast niche. They are a serious contender that absolutely gives BAT a run for their money. This little nirvana of automotive bliss packs a punch for the car enthusiast. The site is easy to use and is very similar to BAT with vehicle comments but does pack the extra of "Doug's Take" on what he thinks of the vehicle. Sellers sell for free but buyers are hit with a 4.5% commission to the buyer for a max of $4500.00 The high cost may not sit all that great with buyers however unlike eBay that has lax rules about listing and verifies next to nothing Cars & Bids takes the process very seriously.

To sell your vehicle you need detailed photos, service and ownership history, and must not list or advertise the vehicle anywhere else. Cars & Bids might be a newer place to sell your car but they aren't standing still. The site made headines right away in 2020 when one of the world’s most subscribed to car reviewers on YouTube set out to put a twist on But don't be thrown off by this. Buyers will take your listing much more seriously if they know they are not wasting their time.

11. Peddle

We wanted to add Peddle to this mega selling site list because they will buy almost anything. Have duct tape and trash bags for a windshield, they'll buy it. New Kids on the Bock cassette jammed in the radio since it last ran? No Problem. No keys? No worries. This is the best place to sell a car that needs TLC (or the wrecker). Boasting an impressive 85,000 reviews they must be doing something right.

Formerly, Peddle provides you an instant offer to sell your car You describe your vehicle and go over all the detail. This includes damage, what doesn't work, what works, etc. They buy cars for resale and recycle vehicles. This is why it's wide open to what they will take.

Like any one else they will give you an instant offer. But here's what's really cool about these guys. You can take their instant offer if you think old Betsy is worth more than they are giving, ask to "leave the offer on the table" and name a price. They will shop it out for you. No luck and ready to just say sionara? Take their original offer.

12. Rad For Sale

The name alone might hint as to what this only online auction platform is about. Hyperfocused on the vehicle Gen X nostalgia cars, Rad for Sale is young but eager to get your listing. Forbes took notice as they have sold off about $19 million worth of vehicles in 2020 alone and have a rad 80,000 users.

Looking to sell a prestine E39 M5? Maybe 2JZ Supra? What about a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Spyder? How about a 1985 Plymouth Colt TURBO? This is your spot. The site ranks number 12 and under Cars & Bids because it's looks like it's missing the polish and detail of the bigger places to sell niche cars like these.

Founded by the same folks that brought you the Driving While Awesome podcast, it proves to be a contender as we are deep in the in an 80's revival within in the 2020's. As you may well know, these vehicles are increasing in value. Expect that to continue. A "rad" car site to sell your car might just be what we need!

13. Craigslist

How can any list be complete without throwing in good old Craigslist. List anything absolutely for free and completely anonymously. Needless to say Craigslist is here and doesn't seem to plan to go anywhere. But it doesn't mean it's not a good place where buyers try to find that diamond in the rough. If you take the time to know how to list your car and manuever the process, you shouldn't be worried about selling your car using Craigslist.

Craigslist was founded in 1995 and has been a world wide phenonmon. Just look at the best a of Craigslist. Although it has it's share of craziness. It's still around for a reason.

Craigslist does focus mostly on your city, town, or region. However buyers from afar can find your vehicle nationwide by using services like Autotempest.

14. Exotic Car Trader

Not everyone has an exotic car, so not everyone can use Exotic Car Trader. So that's why it's on on 14 spot for the best places to sell you vehicle. However, if it's an exotic car you have, then you have landed in the right spot.

Their site caters to high end, high value vehicles. You can create a listing in mere minutes. At that point a staffer wll contact you to iron out details, verify your vehicle's information, and then have a photographer professionally take high resolution photos designed to display your vehicle as it should be.

They do everything in-house for you so you don't have to. Escrow is built in. No need to outsource anyone. If you are buying from afar, they do have shipping however that is not their specialty. They have not made much media yet, but you can find more their founder on LinkedIn.Although some of their listings have show up in places like GM Authority.


It seems like everyone hashes out the same few contenders. However, it's clear there are may options to get you the most money in your pocket. And even for junk vehicles.

The question is how to make sure you get the most money? What's great about all the places on our list is really that unless you are picking an auction like BAT or Cars & Bids, you don't need to stick with just one. When selling a car, it's wise to get as much exposure as possible. Try multiple sites. Not just one.

If it's free, there's no reason to stop you from placing ads on all that cost you nothing. Like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Think it may mean more than just a few listing fees? Use Car Gurus and Autotrader in tandem. If you are looking for an instant offer then try all of them. Because every penny counts!

And finally, out of town or out of state buyers are not out of reach. It's easier than ever to ship a vehicle. You can get a quote to ship instantly. Each time you are considering to sell to an out of state buyer, you can already know what it will cost them. You can factor that into negotiations.