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So what goes into picking out the best one? To help you along, we’ll go over the characteristics of the best companies to work with.

It’s easy to see that there are hundreds of auto transport companies everywhere. It’s a huge industry grossing millions of dollars a year. The question is how well they take care of customers and if they’re going to work to ship your car quickly and safely.

Reputation Matters

It’s a fact that any company that values their reputation will have good reviews. There’s no doubt about it. People want to leave you a review if you have taken the time to make it enjoyable working with your company.

On that same token, it’s easy when to also see that those that normally don’t leave reviews will leave complaints to make sure no one else uses that company. So a lot of bad reviews is a sign that there is inconsistencies with customer satisfaction.

We cannot stress more to look at reviews. Namely third party reviews. Reviews on the website itself can be manipulated.

No Upfront Fees Are Charged

The best auto transport companies will never charge you to book. They may take billing information (like a credit card for example) for when the carrier is set up. This makes a lot of sense, because if there is a truck ready for you, they would have to call you to proceed. That could be time wasted where that spot might be taken by another vehicle that is ready to go with full information already on file.

To be fair, this is not a hard set rule, but a good one to follow. It seems that when the broker already has the money in hand, they tend to work less for it. You’re also locked in because it’s a hassle to put another deposit somewhere else and have money hanging elsewhere.

Staff Answers the Phone

Sounds simple right? Well it’s true many transporters will ignore your call when time passes with the vehicle is in the driveway. You see that all the time in angry reviews for some of these companies.

Also look for an actual phone system, not a direct line to a cell phone where you can clearly tell the person is on the street or in a car. (Yes, this does happen.)

A common complaint is: “They ignored my call and then called me out of the blue to tell me they had a driver but it was XYZ more!” More on that here.

Company has a Website with Disclosures

If you see a website with no terms / conditions, privacy policy, complete contact information with address plus phone, or other important information like MC Number, be sure to take a moment. As of 2018 all professional companies have instant rates on their site as well.

Other Advice

Remember that even the best auto transport companies are not perfect. As a result, it will be pretty hard to find somebody that has 100% positive feedback and 5 Star reviews. Not everyone can be happy and not every shipment goes 100% according to plan. That is the nature of auto transport and logistics in general.

What is important is how auto transport companies handle situations that try to give you the best outcome possible. Did the company offer the customer a discount? Did they help to expedite a missed pickup if a carrier had a mechanical issue or was delayed? This is all important.

The auto transport business is definitely a competitive one. You see companies that are fly-by-night and there is the established ones that have been doing this for years.

Typically the longer established a company is, the more of a chance that they had to be doing something right to stay working. That’s another way to determine if you’re working with the best.

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