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If you’ve just started doing research on shipping a car you’re going to see there are several options for you to pick from. It can be hard to tell if you’re dealing with a broker, a referral service (a lead provider that doesn’t do anything but farm out your info) , or maybe a moving company that doesn’t specialize in shipping cars. Movers have it as an add-on service.

There are some that do not want to deal with the broker at all, worried about the results.

Is Not Dealing With a Broker More Convenient or Better?

Whether or not it’s more convenient to not deal with the broker can vary on the type of auto shipping you’re looking for.

For example if it’s simply a move across the state to where you’re just looking for a local transporter to do it, then using a broker company might  not be totally necessary. But you might run into expensive tow companies in your search. The problem is in some cases actual carriers even locally may not want to deal with the public just like the interstate carriers typically do not. The reason is simply that they don’t have to with all the broker companies giving them plenty to do without dealing with customers.

If you were going to another state and especially across the country it will not be more convenient at all to go without a broker. Why? Carriers have predetermined routes. To go and call the very few companies showing up in your local listings (and see even you find one that leaves the state ) will probably be more difficult than simply dealing with a broker. This is because brokers have direct access to carriers. Carriers love picking from a tree with (the load boards) with zero customer service needed on their part is broker and carrier is a business to business relationship.

We can sometimes imagine that there is some huge company out there that moves cars everywhere but realistically there’s not. What you’re looking at is individual truckers that run a small business. That is 99% of the entire industry. There are others that do both brokering and have a truck. By which they handle the area of their route which is their specialty and then subcontract the rest. This can be more of a side business for them and the quality may not be the best.

Additionally, truckers don’t like to be salespeople. They run their truck. They aren’t web marketers, or advertisers. They drive for a living. That’s where the symbiotic relationship exist that works and has worked for several years.

Is There Anything wrong with Using Brokers?

It’s natural to want to cut the middleman. It can seem like all there is to be done by the broker is to make the connection between you and the carrier/driver that’s going to move your car. Why should they get the business? It leads you to wonder about the carrier they are selecting is working for your best interest and not theirs.

That’s where taking the steps to verify reputation come in. They have access to the trucks, but the real important step is to check reviews. Make sure they will do the best job they can for you.

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