We talk about all the things that can happen on our scam pages and here on our blog when going extra cheap on your auto transport. But if this is not a testament to that then we don’t know what is!

Just surfaced on our radar is this video of auction cars being transported on a ship. Now, in auto transport you as a company want to maximize space to move the most cars possible. Safely. (keyword is safely). But the owner of this ship took things too far by selling these poor people a cheap option after his cargo bays were full. Surely, you guessed by what you see here is that it was to load an extra 52 cars on the ship’s deck.  These vehicles were not in containers or in the hull, but parked as though they were going on a smooth fairy ride. As can happen through cold rough sees, a storm hit.

After it was all over, 12 were left. And of the 12 there wasn’t much to salvage. Even worse they all signed a waiver with no insurance.  Moral of the story? You get what you pay for.