Many of our repeat customers are those which need us for auction auto transport. Although in most cases the auctions offer options that are only more expensive to ship your purchased vehicle. You are just paying for convenience and not better results at the time you win the bid. That is really all that you are paying for. They do not have direct auction transport carriers or faster results. They do not have special experts or carriers loading from the auction. They broker it out and charge you a hefty fee to do so.

Dealers and Resellers


A lot of the time it’s auto dealers come to us as they are buying vehicles to recondition and resell. In this case a saving sometimes hundreds of dollars for auction auto transport could mean the difference between a happy profit and an undeserved extra expense. We have the experience and the access to auctions and none require that they use their own transporters. Our advisers know exactly what information together to gain access on your behalf to the auction.

Working with Us


Once your vehicle is paid for at the auction, you can arrange for us to come get it. We just need specific information like your buyer number, the Vin number of the vehicle, gate passes (if applicable), and if you are a dealer we would need the dealer name exactly as it spelled on the gate pass or documentation. That’s it! Since we are licensed and insured carriers we are allowed to enter the auction and pick up a vehicle on your behalf with your contract.

In our carrier network, we have various carriers that are constantly in the area of the auto auctions. For the most part, they travel from that area to specific routes on a regular basis. Meaning, you don’t wait extra time for your auction auto transport to occur just because you are not getting it from them. Where it becomes a hassle is if you are still shopping around picking just any transport company that can perform that service. Then it will be a trial and error situation. That could cost you time. However with National Express we have extensive experience in working with auctions and have a variety of clientele that use us exclusively because of our reputation with timely service, fast response, and efficient delivery.