Arkansas Auto Transport Service Inside and Out of the State


Although in general there isn’t much movement of vehicles in and out of the state of Arkansas, there are heavily traveled states such as Texas; where Dallas is one of the largest cities for auto transport. Nearby is also Tennessee. This makes for opportunities to get great rates and convenient timeframes for delivery or pickup in and out of Arkansas for carriers passing through on the highway. Don’t forget, Nashville is also east of the state, a major hub. 

Arkansas Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

Prairie Grove, ARJacksonville, FL$995
Jackson, MSBenton, AR$595
Pottsville, ARTulsa, OK$415
Santa Ana, CARogers, AR$1125
Scott, ARVictorville, CA$1385
Prairie Grove, ARPort St. Lucie, FL$1700
Wildomar, CABentonville, AR$1125
Mountain Home, ARSmoke Rise, GA$760
Springdale, ARCaguas, Caguas$0
Alma, ARTallahassee, FL$725

Arkansas has major highways running through it such as I-40 and I-30 which make a straight shot across from Memphis to Dallas, turning Arkansas into a great stop to pick up or deliver extra vehicles. Most carriers running through the state will be the fifty foot, ten car haulers as they will be passing through the state and will usually not be a final destination or starting point. Just like any local shipper, anything running in the state will be a smaller carrier of flatbed truck for anything running inside of the state.

Availability for Arkansas Auto Transport


Thanks to major roads, its location to other major states for auto transport, Arkansas is a great stop for truckers to move extra vehicles, and pushing availability to about twice a week for trucks stopping in the state. This is great news as that means those that need  Arkansas auto transport won’t be left waiting.


If you are making any plans to move your car inside of, out of, or into Arkansas, call National Express for a rate. You can also enter some basic info into the car shipping calculator and get things moving right away.


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Fast and Efficient Service to and From Little Rock


The city known for being home to the Clinton family. With just under three quarters of a million people, Little Rock auto transport services in Arkansas can reach door to door. This is the state capital as well as the most populous city in this southern state.

Little Rock Auto Transport

This is a city that acknowledges its history of racial struggles, celebrates arts and culture, hosts a thriving nightlife and wholesome family fun and also food and drink very seriously.

Named for a rock formation by the river, Little Rock sits squarely in the middle of the state of Arkansas and is the 75th most populous state in the United States, with a population of 194, 524 people as per the 2010 census. The Greater Metropolitan Area is home to 724,385 people. Two Interstate Highways, the Interstate 30 and Interstate 40 meet in Little Rock while several others enter and exit at various points making it seem like all roads lead to Little Rock. No wonder then that the city is a major hub in car shipping.

High population density is a major factor in making car shipping an important business in a city, which means Little Rock, AR finds a place in the shipping itinerary of most car shipping companies. With a greater number of players shipping to and from Little Rock, AR you can be assured of getting the best deals and service.

Automobile movers save you the hassle of having to drive your own car over a great distance when you move. Depending on the size and make of your car and the distance it needs to be transported you can look for suitable options from among open-air trailers and closed ones. If the distance is considerable it makes sense to look for a closed option, particularly if it is a luxury or antique car. Licensed, registered and insured operators should be able to offer you a variety of services including pick-up from your present residence and drop off to your new residence rather than have you drop off and pick up from designated points. The company’s safety measures in transportations should also be taken into account.

Make sure to get multiple quotes from different car shipping services before you decide on the best deals. You want someone with no hidden fees, no upfront cost, and will ship door to door. If your car is really old, it may make sense to sell it and buy a new car at your destination rather than pay for shipping. Also, for the transport company, it may makes more sense to ship several cars at once to save on costs, so check for convenient dates beforehand so you don’t end up waiting for too long to have your car delivered to you in your new city.



Popular Cities in Arkansas


Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Texarkana


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