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Get auto shipping quotes to or from, and within the state of  Alabama is easy with National Express. We see a lot of cars coming in and out of the state. Alabama has various routes coming in and out, mostly through Birmingham.

Alabama Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

South Riding, VABirmingham, AL$775
Fairhope, ALSanta Barbara, CA$1455
Fort Payne, ALFort Stewart, GA$540
Middlesex, NJMountain Brook, AL$835
Riviera Beach, FLMountain Brook, AL$540
Gastonia, NCMountain Brook, AL$470
Cowarts, ALMontgomery, AL$430
Miami, FLHuntsville, AL$640
Stone Lake, WIMountain Brook, AL$930

Alabama is a relatively easy state for car shipping. Most of the population (and most of the transport requests we receive) can be found in cities like Birmingham. All the major interstates run through that city, and it’s considered the a hub for auto transport trucks passing through the state. Now this does not mean that an auto transport company can’t ship to order areas like Auburn and Montgomery, just expect auto transport rates to be less favorable for those areas. In many cases it can be as much as $100-150 difference on a rate in the southern-central parts of the state, although most will gladly pay it to get service door to door instead of making their way up to the more populated areas to meet their vehicle. Keep in mind, it’s a good idea that you have at least a week’s worth of flexibility for pickup when hiring an auto shipper. This is especially true in the more rural parts of Alabama, where waits can extend further than the week mark for those areas.

There will be exceptions in areas of southern Alabama, particularly in “FloraBama” as the locals call it. That’s because I-10 provides traffic flow across the state, making for lower rates and faster car shipping. This would include areas like Mobile and Dothan. So if you are expecting faster vehicle transport in those areas, you are in luck.

Alabama is one of the most populated states in the South, with a population of about 4.5 Million. people as of 2014 with major cities such as Montgomery, Birmingham and Mobile. Birmingham alone, has a population of about 1 Million people. If you intend to ship a car to and from Birmingham, you have to be certain on the route that you are going to use. You have to be sure about the pickup and delivery location of the car. There are major interstate lines that intersect within Birmingham i.e I-65, I-85, I-59 and I-20.

Remember, when working with National, there are no hidden fees and no upfront costs. Transport is always door to door.


Shipping to the North


To the North of this city, there are towns such as Huntsville and Decatur. When shipping to this towns, you will have to use the I-65 line. The line stretches all through to the North of Alabama to Chicago, Louisville or Indianapolis. When a driver has taken to use the I-65 line, it is not possible to take a shipment to the East or the West.


Shipping to the South


To the South of Birmingham, there are not as many shipments as there are in other towns in Birmingham. The I-85 line will lead to towns such as Montgomery. Many shippers do not like making shipments to Montgomery because it becomes difficult to find a shipment back in the City and the only option they have is to turn to the East to Auburn or proceed further to Atlanta.

If you are in one of those rural areas to the South of Birmingham such as Mayberry town, it will be costly to ship your vehicle since the driver has no chance of finding another shipment to and from the Southern. In this areas there are not as many Auto shipping companies as there are in other towns if you have no other option to ship your car to and from Southern Birmingham, the auto shipper you find will charge you a higher rate.


Shipping to the East and West


For those who would be willing to ship cars from the west to the East, the I-65 interstate runs through Mobile. Mobile is on the West of Birmingham and lies on the Gulf of Mexico. When shipping cars to Mobile, auto shipping companies find it favorable because they can easily find shipments within the state. The most favorable time to do auto shipping in within Birmingham, AL is during winter. During this time, many people hang out in the beaches in this region and thus there are high prospects than any other time of the year.


Most Popular Cities


Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Selma, Tuscaloosa


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