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A1 Auto Transport has been around for many years providing various small transport companies access to customers by sending them the information filled out on their site. Your contact info will be shared with up to 10 companies so they may reach out to you and give you their best deal for auto shipping.  The BBB has them registered all the way back since 1993. Tracy Lugo is reported as a director of marketing and apparently a very good one. This broker referral company is one of the most popular on the web.

Their website is enormous to say the least, with various topics about auto transport and car shipping being discussed throughout the entire site. There are various posts on domestic vehicles being shipped throughout the states, international shipping, truck shipping, multi car shipping, golf cart shipping, salvage car, transport, door-to-door, terminal to terminal shipping. This is just naming a few of the topics covered by this huge site which is geared to help brokers find customers to ship cars for.

A quick search on the FMCSA database as well as the DOT database shows the company has no licensing or insurance on file. However, as said with other broker referral services this is very common especially if they do not ship any cars or arrange for any vehicle shipping at all. They are not regulated by anyone since they do not touch a car or even take a single deposit.

Not many reviews listed anywhere for this company because it’s the brokers that are signed up with them that handle the shipping. Usually any reviews made are directed to the actual auto shipping company that moved the car, and long forgotten is the referral service the connected them.

Update: Since the original writing in 2018, many reviews have come about for A-1.   However, they still do not ship cars or facilitate car shipping. Therefore, it may be due to some referral link provided to customers asking them to review A-1 instead of / as well as the auto shipper the customer selected from the quotes. 

If you are interested in getting multiple quotes from several brokers to your email and phone, call them right away. Your phone and email will immediately have messages and calls pouring in to help you find a rate. They can be reached via the contact info listed here.

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Not Licensed or Bonded
Multiple Incoming Calls / Emails / Texts
Open 24 Hours
Multiple Incoming Quotes 10+
Brokers Contact You
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All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
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$250.00 to $4,996.00
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They did exactly as it says.
Got quotes, was able to pick one.  Went with company that was referrered.