In today’s economy, car shipping industry is playing a very important and positive role. One of the main things fuelling this fast pace growth is the abundance of people having access to shipping their cars by going online to find a reputable shipper. The Internet has narrowed the gap between service providers and clients which has reduced the expenses and encouraged new firms to enter the market. Similarly, online car stores like Yahoo and eBay are creating many lucrative opportunities for auto transport companies. If you want your car, motorcycle or any other type of vehicle moved from one place to another then you can easily get someone to do this job for you. However, certain things need to be considered first. Below are 6 big mistakes you can make in auto transport .


Not Clarifying Delivery Times


If you want your vehicle to reach its destination on a specific date, then it is highly unlikely that any transport company will give you any guarantees. Some transporters have a tier system. If you go to the cheapest tier, then your car may take many days to reach its destination. Choosing a more expensive tier will reduce delivery time considerably, but still, you won’t get your car on an exact date. Storms, snowfall, traffic jams and mechanical problems can take place at any time. The best practice is to clarify the shipping times. For example, here we ask for a 2 day window for drop off and pick up for non expedited shipping. The best thing you can do is have the transporter dispatch the car well before you need it to its delivery point if you have that option. This is important to have cleared up before booking.


Not Verifying Insurance


Most auto transport companies have proper insurance policies to cover damages, but just assuming that will take full responsibility in case anything bad can be a mistake. In fact, there are many vehicle shipping companies which take absolutely no responsibility in case of scratches, lost accessories and other minor damages. To be sure, read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing your contract with a particular transporter.
  Believe it or not, some auto transportation companies try to do business without the proper insurance. You should never consider one of these companies. The company that you trust with your car should have the proper type of insurance. This is important just in case something goes wrong. Along with this, make sure you verify whether or not the company’s insurance is primary or if your insurer will first have to pay for any damages.


Going for Low Quotes


In transport industry brokers are far more common than proper companies. These people often use unfair tactics to lure more customers and giving low quotes is one such tactic. In some cases, the quotes are so low that not even a single transport company agrees to provide services. The end-user has to wait for weeks and even months before his vehicle get dispatched. This is a trap that you must avoid at all costs. 
While price should be important, it is not the only thing to keep in mind as you choose a company to do business with. In many cases, the cheapest auto transporter may be best for you. But at the same time, you cannot expect this to always be the case. Do not make a bad decision just to save a few dollars – you will regret this in the end.


Checking For Hidden Charges


If the rates of an auto transport company seem too good to be true, then you should make sure that it doesn’t charge any hidden fees. This is a tactic that many businesses are using these days. At first, they offer services at unbelievably low rates to lure customers, but at the time of delivery, many hidden charges are added to the bill. Good companies try their level best to provide accurate estimates to their clients so that any misunderstandings can be avoided.
The popularity of auto transport services has caused an increase in some competing firms. Because of that, choosing a car shipper is not easy anymore. Some factors should be considered to see whether a company can take good care of your car or not.


Making Advanced Deposit Payments


How are you going to pay your auto transportation company? This is a detail that is often overlooked. Some require a small upfront deposit while others will ask for a bit more. All in all, you never want to pay more than 25 percent as a deposit. No matter what, make sure you are comfortable with the way that you pay.
The importance of car transport companies in today’s world can hardly be overemphasized. These companies have become so popular that most people can’t even imagine driving their cars over long distances. The job of a car shipper is very difficult because he has to stick to some rules and regulations. Also, in case something bad happens, he can be held accountable by the client. Many auto transporters are working in every part of the country, and most of them are in this business for the long haul. That’s why they try their level best to keep customers happy. However, many fraudsters also exist. If you follow some simple tricks, then you can avoid becoming their victim.


Not Verifying Their Registration with the DOT


All good companies get themselves registered with the department of transport (DOT). Doing this gives them authenticity and makes them more trustworthy in the eyes of customers. Therefore before choosing a particular company, you should make sure that it is duly registered with DOT. To this, you can go the official DOT website and enter the registration number of the company. With a few clicks, you can see whether the service is worth your time or not.
Fortunately, fraudsters cannot go undetected forever. Sooner or later their reputation gets wrecked. So it is important for you to do some research and see how good or bad a company’s records are. Don’t base your decision on testimonials because they are not difficult to obtain. Taking advice from independent customers is the best way to gauge a company’s popularity in the industry.
Hiring a professional car shipping company is the easiest way to transport a vehicle, but to avoid pitfalls; you need to take extra care. Just like any other industry, this one has its share of fraudsters.